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Brand name and designer light fixtures at low prices

You will be convinced by our lamp brands and light designers that we have carefully selected. Take advantage of the trusting relationship we have been able to build with all these manufacturers over the years, which allows us to offer you high quality fixtures at very attractive prices, from basic lights all the way up to the very high-end of the spectrum. In the Illumination.co.uk selection, we focused on the products' lifespan in order to help you save in the long run. We also found young and creative manufacturers for you, as well as established brands of international renown from Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, and elsewhere.

Brand name lamps are ideal for every space

The selection of available brand name lamps in our online shop continues to grow. We constantly update our range of brands based on new developments that are coming to the market. To better help you orient yourself in our huge assortment, we took special care to reference our products. You have at your disposal, a large number of filters to help you find precisely the light fixtures you are looking for in just a few clicks. If you are still undecided, let us guide you: we offer a selection of lights according to the room where you plan to install the light. For outdoor lighting, you will find all the lights from Massive you need for your garden or terrace. One thing is certain: at Illumination.co.uk there is a brand or designer for all your needs.

Function is the heart of the issue

For individuals, but especially for professionals, the function is the key element for making a choice. Manufacturers, such as Lutec, understand and focus on practical lamps without compromising on design. Outdoor lights with motion sensors are one of the best illustrations of this principle. Of course, for indoor lighting there is also a wide selection of brand name lamps in our online shop. By opting for recognised brands, you are certain to make the right decision and to have exceptional quality and durability, like with the lights from Paul Neuhaus.

Find the brand that suits you

The large volume brands such as EGLO, Brilliant, or the lights from Globo, offer a wide variety of consumer lights of various styles, from classic to modern and rustic. Others, however, have developed a unique identity, such as Slamp, which produces “Made in Italy designer lamps based on innovative material. We invite you to discover all our manufacturing partners in just a few clicks. Whichever brand you decide on at Illumination.co.uk, we do not compromise on quality: all our lamps are guaranteed for two years, including our sale lights.

The benefits of Illumination.co.uk

Whether you are looking for a ceiling light for your living room, a reading lamp, or a floor lamp for your garden, you will find everything to meet your needs at Illumination.co.uk. Trust the specialists in online light fixtures for over 10 years. We offer a completely secure online shopping experience certified by Trusted Shops. All orders are shipped promptly following your order. Also take advantage of free shipping on orders over £80 in shipped within the UK! If you need help or advice about our Philips Lighting products, Fischer lights, or other products, feel free to contact us - a professional team of advisors is at your service.