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Bathroom lights - fresh in the morning, relaxing in the evening

Morning hygiene in the bathroom is a daily ritual that should be a positive time of the day. Having the right lighting is essential so you can get into the swing of things and properly take care of your body. In the evening; however, you might prefer to view the bathroom rather as a relaxing spa oasis. With specifically selected bathroom lights you can create optimal conditions for both purposes considering how light perception affects vitality, well-being, and health.

Functional and aesthetic bathroom lights

For bathroom lights there are many options, including ceiling lights , wall lights, spotlights, mirror lights, and many other types of lights. Milky white lamp shades and silvery metals predominate the colouring for the general atmosphere of the bathroom. In addition to the aesthetic and functional components, safety is another crucial factor because bathrooms are always divided into four protection areas, each has their own bathroom light requirements.

Ambient lighting and area lighting for the bathroom

Good general lighting can be fulfilled by bright bathroom ceiling lights. Models that are full coverage, dimmable, and with lamp shades that diffuse and evenly distribute light throughout the room are especially popular. In modern bathrooms, recessed ceiling spotlights are used to create the desired brightness levels both generally, and as directed points of light.

Many bathroom ceiling lights or spotlights can be specifically aligned, creating a stylish combination that arises from basic, bright zones of light. wall lights are mostly responsible for providing zones of light in the bathroom. Here too, white colours and rust protected materials like stainless steel dominate the design styles. In terms of light bulbs, dimmable halogen lights and energy saving LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) bulbs outweigh the rest. These lights are a great asset for the local temple of wellness due to their brightness and special dimmers!

Mirror lights

A combination of wall sconces and direct lighting from above has proven itself as a perfect match for mirror lighting. It is important that all subtleties of the face are easily recognized, so that putting on makeup and shaving go smoothly. Using contact lenses and many other activities around the sink mirror also require glare-free lighting without disturbing shadows.

Bathroom lights and safety - Protection areas

British industrial standards under BS7671 Part 7 Section 7 determine how to minimize potential dangers of mixing water and electricity in the bathroom. For this purpose, four areas of protection are defined, with the innermost area related to the bathtub and shower. In this area, all light fixtures must have a protection degree of at least IPX7, so it is immune against temporary immersion (2nd digit of IP rating). Also bathroom lights in general must use a 12 volt current, which requires a transformer.

Bathroom lights which meet the criteria above must also have a radius of at least 120cm away from the shower head. Outside the innermost areas of protection, an IP rating of at least IPX5 (protection against water streams) or IPX4 (protection against water splashes) are critical to safety. Other factors should be followed for the installation of bathroom lighting, such as electrical sockets only being allowed in the 3rd protection zone. If you have questions you can contact our helpful customer support team!

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