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Motion sensors

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CALAMBAO motion sensor white, Motion sensor
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CALAMBAO motion sensor white, Motion sensor
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Motion sensors for indoors and outdoors

The invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum makes it possible for sensors to respond to infrared light or other certain frequency ranges which can be used to switch lights automatically on or off at the right time. This is a convenient feature when you go into the basement with your hands full, for example. Lights with motion sensors make sense for many reasons and for many uses: They save energy, reduce the operating costs, and increase safety.

High-quality motion sensors

Most motion sensors are used in the yard, but also they also have increased use for inside the house. Outside, motion is usually detected through infrared radiation that is measured by the temperature differences between living animals and the rest of the environment. This works because people are usually significantly warmer than their surroundings, at least in our latitudes. The sensor angle is often at 130, 180, or 240 degrees. Even models with a 360-degree sensor are available, so many hundred square meters can be “watched over.

Outdoor lights with motion sensors clearly show visitors the path to the front door. The children can see and avoid tripping hazards when they play in the evening in the yard. Burglars and other unwanted visitors are deterred when a bright light switches on when they get close to the entrance of the property. Nice outdoor wall lights and LED path lights with motion sensors, for example, also provide high aesthetic value. They are available both in the style of classic lanterns as well as modern lighting fixtures with maximum functionality. When buying outdoor and bathroom lighting, the IP rating must be considered because no water should enter inside the circuits of an electric light source.

Flexible controls and uses

Many motion sensor parameters can be adjusted as needed. For example, it is possible to adjust the light duration from a few seconds to several minutes. With a light-sensitive switch, lights can be set up to turn on automatically depending on the ambient brightness of the day, or night. Among the most reliable motion sensors are the products from Steinel and Philips.

Indoor motion sensors

There's not just motion sensor lights for outdoors, but also models for indoor use which come from Steinel, who are pioneers in this technology. Unlike outdoor motion sensors, they do not use infrared light beams, but rather radar waves for detection, or other varieties that use ultrasound. Both of these are active sensors because the rays that are emitted are reflected back and captured again by the sensor. Outdoor infrared sensors on the other hand operate passively because they only receive signals from their environment.

Motion sensors in high traffic areas such as hallways and staircases are particularly convenient and valuable. But safety remains the most important aspect of motion sensors. But there are also practical uses in the bathroom, pantries, and cellars. Presence detectors also detect inconspicuous movements, like turning the page of a newspaper so you can sit peacefully without the lights switching off.

The online shop

At, you not only have access to manufacturers of excellent motion sensors, but also to all kinds of lights and lamps. Moreover, we have other important accessories, including weatherproof outdoor sockets. Goods are shipped out quickly upon receipt of payment to the recipient. For questions about our motion sensors or other products, we employ a competent and friendly customer service team which is easily reached via email and phone.