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Lights suitable for better productivity

Because lights affect one's ability to concentrate, proper workplace lighting should not be overlooked. Suitable brightness significantly increases the functionality of the workplace and has no negative side effects that may fatigue employees. The Office lights and professional advertising lightsyou will find on our website are all designed for prolonged use and are distinguished by their high quality builds. We also offer a selection of lights for hotels and other high-end lamps and light bulbsfor rooms and lobbies. And of course our customer service is available to assist you in your research.

Office lighting for the workplace

As part of office work with a computer screen, it is mandatory to have a minimum lighting of 500 lumens. This value is less important for hallways and more casual workplaces. Take care not to provide too much light, because overly bright lights may actually have a tiring effect. However, a fine balance allows you to illuminate the premises optimally, as well as maximize the productivity of your employees. One of the most practical solutions is to multiply the light sources according to the needs of the building.

Uniform lighting from the ceiling

The ceiling light should provide the main light source for the room, and ceiling spotlights are the most common option. If you have high ceilings, opt for energy efficient LED panels which spread a softer light. In a smaller space, recessed spotlights have other clear benefits by providing optimal direct light. More and more new models are now available with LEDs, so in addition to substantial energy-savings, you will also be saving time by not having to replace the bulbs so often, as well as other maintenance issues associated with inefficient bulbs. If you have to illuminate a specific point, spotlights on a track offer another practical solution. The range of possibilities of professional spotlights is particularly important.

Additional office lighting

In the case of small office rooms, wall lights create a more pleasant feeling and complement the primary ceiling lights well. Desk lamps are often dimmable and help promote positive energy. The brightness can be adjusted to fit the task at hand. Of course the most classic light option is still the desk lamp because it is adjustable, allows powerful light to a precise area, and can be easily adapted to your work materials, whether its pen and paper, or a keyboard. Indirect light also provides a unique and comforting working atmosphere, such as provided by downlights. They are highly recommended because illumination needs are perceived differently from one person to another. Individualized lighting avoids possible conflicts in open spaces.

Lights for hotels

At, we also selected a variety of hotel lights. This means, of course, superior lights and remarkable designs for many light sources such as wall lights, ceiling lights, and table lamps. These elements will beautify the room and contribute to the satisfaction of your guests. According to their function, reading lamps and wall lights are especially suited for the headboard. If the large selection of leading European brands of lamps and light products does not convince you to shop with us, then the quality-to-price ratio offered in our online shop might attract your attention.

The benefits of professional lights from

Discover our wide range of professional lighting and commercial lights, with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit all your needs. Payments through our site are secure and in compliance with all regulations from Trusted Shops. With more than 10 years of experience in the online lighting business, you can rely on excellent assistance from light professionals, and the trusting relationship we have built with the largest brands. Our packages are delivered quickly with shipment tracking, and shipping is free within the UK on orders greater than £80.