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Find lights for your bedroom in a flash

For a comfortable place to rest, your bedroom must meet all the conditions for your relaxation and revitalization. That is why bedroom lights must be selected especially for their functional and aesthetic criteria, more so than other parts of your home lighting design. Ideally, the main bedroom lighting is achieved with a powerful light and one or two decorative bedside lamps. The cabinets and mirrors should also be adequately lit. Please find some tips for the main lighting and spotlights below.

What requirements should a bedroom light fulfil?

Primary bedroom lighting

For the primary light source, ceiling lights are recommended. The ceiling light of a bedroom should bathe the room in uniform lighting, offering an optimal overview. Bedroom pendant lights may also be desirable as primary lighting if you have sufficiently high ceilings. As long as it's possible, the central fixtures should be operable from both the door and the bed.

Bedside lamps and lights

To relax or read in bed however, it is preferable that the lighting does not extend to the entire room, but spreads a cosy atmosphere around your bed. Bedside lights must focus their light on the desired area. In the case of double beds, it is wise to select two bedroom floor lamps or night table lamps that can be activated separately, and with dimmers. In addition to halogen lights, which are highly regarded for their brilliant white light, energy-saving bulbs and LEDs are especially viable options.

Bedroom cabinets and mirror lights

To ensure the best visibility inside your closets, another light source is recommended. Bedroom spotlights placed 60-70cm apart are a good solution. However, the diversity of shapes of light fixtures and bulbs offers you many other options. For mirror lighting, bedroom wall lights positioned sideways are particularly popular.

Direct and indirect lighting

Ideally, flexible ambient lighting combines direct and indirect light. That is why indirect lighting fixtures can also find their place in the bedroom. For example, many models may be equipped with a dimmer and an additional reading light when placed next to a comfortable chair. You should always take into account the specific characteristics of the room. For example, with spacious bedrooms, chandeliers can also bring a touch of elegance to your interior.

Bedroom lights of all colours

The bedroom is a very personal place, which is also reflected in its lighting. Our shop offers bedroom lights of all styles, sizes, shapes, and colours. You will easily find your new ceiling light or bedside lamp, or even wall light or other types of bedroom lights and lamps. We also offer superb children's room lights, dining room, hallway, and living room lights; attaches great importance to the combination of high quality and attractive designs that are always at low prices.