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Modern lights for every individual style

Light design should always prioritise functionality before artistic presence Primarily it is the connection between shape and practical lighting effects that produces modern lights that are popular for many seasons. Due to the numerous advantages of the innovative light bulbs, new lights are normally equipped with LED bulbs, but you can follow all current developments of contemporary tastes at any time by filtering a light product category according to its popularity.

Modern lights in a fresh design

Table lamps or round LED ceiling lights - what is modern is no longer confined to a few individual aspects. The use of clear geometric shapes such as spheres, cubes, and elongated rectangles is one of the trends in the lamp design, which has been reinforced over the past few years. While this is strengthened through the effective use of additional beautiful light patterns, this trend is especially popular in wall light product lines. In regards to the materials used for designer lights, it should be noted that traditional materials such as nickel, chrome, stainless steel, and textiles are still popular - but more frequently new innovative, natural, and exotic materials are being used, like bamboo.

The tiny size of LEDs enables completely new designs. Therefore, many modern fixtures are characterised by a particularly flat, narrow, or sleek design. On the other hand, designers come up with many protruding shapes, which attract attention with their striking expressivity - especially with multi-bulb lights, the possibilities are nearly endless. Rustic lamps and other timeless classics experienced a renaissance through the development of LEDs. Many well-tried patterns may be rediscovered and reinvigorated with the use of new light emitting diodes.

Timelessly modern trends

Some styles are still popular and continue to be modern lights for particular categories, such as luxurious crystal chandeliers. The beginning of modern movements coincides with the Bauhaus movement, in which the principle "form follows function" is frequently exhibited. Modern product design is therefore first and foremost directed by its functionality, which often brings forward clear and simple lines and shapes.

Many more timeless modern lights can be found in the stylistic categories of the country cottage, Tiffany, and Florentine. As the name implies, modern country house lights are a good choice for comfort and rural charm. Tiffany glass lamps consist of coloured glass pieces that are put together in colourful motifs. The Florentine style focuses on flower and plant patterns.

Energy-saving lights, halogen lights, and LEDs

“Energy-saving light is actually a generic term, which includes fluorescent lights; these lights are the successors of the classic incandescent light bulb. Most of the halogen lights still work on the principles of the bulb attributed to Thomas Edison. You benefit from their nice colour reproduction and low power consumption. Both varieties are already in decline because the only truly future-proof bulbs are the LEDs. LEDs consume even less power, last longer, reach maximum brightness immediately, do not flicker, and can be cleanly disposed of. It is also now possible to use LEDs with different colours of light! Numerous modern lights can already shine in different colours.

Adjusting the brightness of the room

Modern lights are sold with many technical details, including the value of the luminous flux in lumens, which specifies the entire radiated power (brightness). A 40-watt incandescent bulb has approximately 410 lumens; a commercially available LED with the same brightness requires only 4 to 6 watts. There are other physical terms for the assessing the brightness in a room and for the eye, such as the light intensity, colour rendition, and luminance. In summary, you should include also the angle and the dominant colours of the interior when choosing a light and be careful when using dark colours because dark walls will absorb more light than bright ones.

Buy modern lights online and save

There are many reasons to buy modern lamps online, such as greater choices, lower prices, and fast delivery to your door. We work with many leading manufacturers and offer you the whole range of lighting, such as chic pendant lights, innovative ceiling lights, and inspiring desk lamps. With a clear navigation structure, it's always possible to keep an overview of the offers. Questions are answered by our experienced and friendly customer service immediately over the phone, or by email.