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Wall lights light up your outdoors

Attractive outdoor wall lights beautify the walls of your home and provide the desired lighting at all times. Your terraces, balconies, verandas, and garden sheds also gain a unique character with outdoor fixtures that are easy to install and do not require much space. We have selected brand name wall lights specifically adapted for outdoor use throughout the year. Discover the diversity of outdoor lights on

Exterior wall lights of all styles

Today there are all kinds of different styles, from classic bronze coloured lanterns up to stainless steel outdoor wall lights, as well as more minimalist motion sensor models. Discover all the varieties offered by leading brands in Europe in our shop. The colour variations have not been left out either; such as timeless metallic grey to black, white, bronze, or brass: Use the search filters available to you to find your dream fixtures in a few clicks, or just look around our online shop for inspiration. Similarly, in terms of form, the arrival of external LED lights has completely renewed the range of possibilities. Discover the finesse of up-and-down wall lights that spread light both upwards and downwards and provides elegance and refines your building, or practical outdoor ceiling lights for more uniform lighting for the front porch.

External wall lights and safety

Avoid the pitfalls of darkness with adequate exterior lighting. By illuminating your outdoor stairs or paths, you save yourself and your guests the risk of tripping or slipping at night. Wrought iron wall lights also make it easier to park your car so you can avoid costly accidents. When combined with outdoor lampposts or bollard lights, outdoor wall lights are an easy solution to implement depending on the configuration of your garden. Take any intruder by surprise with your motion sensors. Their trigger angle, sensitivity, and activation time is often adjustable, and therefore they can perfectly match your needs.

Brighten your home with affordable wall sconces

Another significant advantage of outdoor lights with sensors is that they only use energy when activated so you can save money while still enjoying adequate lighting. Similarly, solar lights provide a consistent light source with no impact on your electricity bill. You can also install them in remote locations without having to lay any cables. There is now a wide variety of highly efficient models thanks to technological advances in LED lighting. In recent years they have completely disrupted the lighting market. At you can find a large selection of LED outdoor wall lights with incomparable energy efficiency vis-à-vis traditional light bulbs. Practicality: Because they produce very little heat, they do not attract mosquitoes in summer. Therefore, you can fully appreciate your illuminated terrace in summer without inviting vampires!

Create your home lighting concept

The wall lights are an important part of the aesthetic that you want to build for your outdoor areas. Front door spotlights on the wall enable lighting effects on façades or provide a friendly welcome when placed on a wall or a fence. You can also use them to illuminate a doorbell or your house number. Be sure to complete your outdoor lighting scheme with lamps, LED strips, or globe lights in the garden to create an exceptional atmosphere around your home.

Buying exterior lights on

Our professional lighting team is available to help you make your choice or answer any questions. Whether you want to know the details of the IP rating index, or the equivalence of lumens and watts, we are here to help you so you can enjoy secure shopping and quick delivery when you order through us and our impeccable service certified by Trusted Shops.