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The diversity of lighting types and models also demands a large selection of accessories. Whether it is replacement parts, sockets, or motion sensors, lighting accessories can easily be searched for and conveniently ordered online. We work exclusively with products that satisfy a prominent price-to-service ratio, and we try to continually expand our product assortment.

The right replacement parts

Replacements parts are only seldom needed, especially with high quality lights. The majority of the light bulbs just need to be replaced at some point, by a newer LED light, for example. If one of our lights breaks, contrary to expectation, it is often simply a matter of ordering a particular spare part. Optional accessories are also available for a large number of models. For any questions, you can contact our friendly and competent support staff by telephone or email.

Outdoor sockets

Outdoor light accessories must be able to withstand all weather conditions. If possible, outdoor lights should only be used with special outdoor sockets, which come in a wide variety of shapes and materials - from the portable single sockets through to multiple sockets for permanent installation. The design of outdoor sockets is carefully selected by us in order to harmonise with current versions of outdoor lights in the best way possible.

Motion sensors

Many outdoor lights are essential for safety and energy-saving purposes because they are only really used when needed, therefore, another important light accessory that must sometimes be replaced are motion sensors.

Other accessories

More important replacement parts are for sockets, dimmers, and controls for smooth network operation. Light accessories aren't the only items that depend on quality, but sockets and cables can also break. As with most products, it is worthwhile to invest in high quality materials, because of their excellent craftsmanship, durability, and attractive design.


If the lampshade suffers unsightly or irreparable damage, often times an identical replacement can be ordered. If this is not the case, you do not have to completely replace your indoor lighting. With a selective search and a little patience, you can find other lampshades that match.

Replacement light bulbs

For many lights, the light bulbs can be exchanged without problems - in other models it is only partially the case or not possible at all.