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Ceiling Fan Fossa matt nickel
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PETROVAC ceiling fan LED chrome, white, 1-light source, Remote control
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TRILLO ceiling fan matt nickel, 1-light source
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Ceiling fans for summer and winter

Retro and outdated? No way! Ceiling fans are in vogue every year. In summer, they are an effective and affordable alternative to air conditioning; in winter, they help you save on heating costs. Ceiling fans with lighting and a remote control are stylish, practical and space-saving. They also serve their purpose even without blades and can be conveniently controlled by remote control or via Smart Home, depending on the model and use.

Whether modern or vintage, small, large or flat - you can buy ceiling fans for every room and every style at

In general ceiling fans have 3 to 5 blades. There is a correlation between the number of blades and how the appliance sounds: Generally, more blades mean it tends to make less noise. This occurs because the air mass that resists the blades is reduced where there are more of them. However, the fans with fewer blades can circulate more air. Pay attention to the form of the blades: the gently curved blades move more air mass than flat blades.

Also make sure to consider the size of the room and the ceiling height in your decision to purchase a ceiling fan. Therefore, we describe the optimal use for each of our models on their product page. Consider that if the room is large and open, having a larger diameter of the fan blades is important to have a significant effect.

Integrated control of lighting types and fans

Switches on the wall, pull cords, and remote controls are the main types of control for a ceiling fan. In general, for models with lights, you can activate the light and fan separately. The most high-end models also have continuously adjustable speeds. The most classic models offer two or three different speeds. For chandelier and fan combinations, its best to stick with LED bulbs. They fit well with fans and will help reduce your energy consumption.

Ceiling fans made of wood: Timeless classics

Ceiling fans made of wood are versatile and can be integrated into different living styles thanks to their high-quality look. You can regulate the power through several speed levels. After you have installed the ceiling fans with a simple assembly, they provide a pleasant room climate at home as well as in the office.

Discover our "ceiling fans made of wood": They prove that quality does not have to be expensive, they look high-quality and antique and combine cosiness with functionality in your home. They set atmospheric and natural accents and can be integrated into any ambience.

Functions of ceiling fans: Versatile use

Ceiling fans have different designs and functions and provide a cosy ambience. Some models manage without blades or cleverly hide the rotor blades under a cover. This way, modern ceiling fans are hardly distinguishable from a ceiling light. Compared to a floor fan, ceiling fans are quieter and are therefore suitable for the bedroom or children's room. You can dim them, change their light colour or even create a starry sky with them.

A ceiling fan is suitable for every season

A ceiling fan not only ensures a pleasant room climate in summer but also during the cold season, you can also use a ceiling fan to better distribute heat in the room and even save on heating costs. The difference lies in the operating mode and direction of rotation, depending on your needs.

In summer mode and thus in forward rotation, a ceiling fan prevents the air from standing in the room and provides a cooling effect with gentle downward air jets. Although a ceiling fan cannot lower the room temperature, it does provide noticeable cooling on the skin.

In winter mode, a ceiling fan works in reverse and provides better heat distribution in the room. The warm air from the heater or stove rises, which is why you have cold feet despite a high room temperature. With a fan, however, the warm air is distributed evenly. A ceiling fan is worthwhile in winter, especially for high ceiling rooms.

Since installation and mounting may vary depending on the unit, please also refer to the manufacturer's instructions.

Whether indoors or outdoors: You can install your ceiling fan wherever it is needed. You can tell whether a ceiling fan is suitable for the balcony or other outdoor areas by the IP44 protection class, for example. Modern ceiling fans convince with a timeless design and can be conveniently controlled thanks to remote control or smart home technologies. You can install a ceiling fan in large rooms, on sloping ceilings in the attic or on high ceilings. Ceiling fans are also suitable for covered terraces or your conservatory and are of course mainly used during the warm months. Quiet ceiling fans for bedrooms or children's rooms put an end to sleepless nights in summer and provide pleasant cooling.

A ceiling fan consumes about 20-60 watts per hour. You can influence the power consumption by setting the speed levels. If the ceiling fan runs at the highest specified speed, the consumption is the highest. When buying a ceiling fan, also consider the size of the room in which you will install the fan. Here, too, the ratio must be right. A ceiling fan with a small diameter in a room that is too large must be operated at a higher speed. In this case, you are better off with a larger fan.