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Path lights enhance the value of the land

Shapely, waterproof, and energy efficient: Path lights from Illumination.co.uk distinguish themselves through exceptional quality and excellent design. Models with motion sensors work automatically and keep electrical costs low. From ground spotlights to bollard lights, to lanterns and lampposts with multiple bulbs, our assortment includes solutions for all tastes and demands.

Path lights maximise security

In the dark and in adverse weather, tripping hazards like steps can be easily overlooked without the help of path lighting - path lights ensure a safe journey, even on rough terrain. Bollard lights are especially well suited for path lighting. The shortest models range mostly between half a meter and one-meter-tall and integrate excellently in flower beds and turf. These lights are designed to eliminate any glare that might arise for soft, but bright light.

Increased safety and atmospheric light accents all in one - Path lights make an important contribution to sustainable well-being. It is a pleasure to watch the amazing colour effects of electric lights in the great outdoors. Path lights, wall lights, and outdoor spotlights can complement each other excellently. With the help from accomplished designs, we've consciously put together highly aesthetic ensembles of optical items for the day, as well as the night. Depending on the size of the area, a single beautiful lamppost can suffice to illuminate in the garden.

Materials und IP rating

Important: Depending on the location, outdoor lights must meet certain IP rating requirements. Therefore, an IP45 path light is protected against foreign objects larger than 1mm in diameter (1st digit) and against water jets (2nd digit). Ground spotlights must also work when temporarily submerged in water, which is shown in the IP rating X7. Whoever wants to buy path lights can also find just the right outdoor spotlights from Illumination.co.uk.

Tall, sweeping lanterns are another popular design for path lights, not just for garden enthusiasts with a nostalgic touch. Lampposts and lanterns with a lower height and a classic lantern design are also often used for lighting paths. In addition, we also sell lanterns that are highly flexible and adjustable. Stainless steel lanterns offer the advantage that they still look like new, even decades later. As an alternative to the stainless steel path lights other models of high quality materials such as cast iron and aluminium have proven themselves valuable.

LED path lights have the highest energy efficiency

Most of the newest path lighting products are LED path lights. One of the many advantages of lights with LED bulbs is that they use very little power. To lower the electric bill even more, it is a good idea to use path lights with motion sensors because they only turn on when it is necessary. Solar lights go even further: They work independently, using solar energy that is collected during the day for free.

Which path lights are the best choice?

There are numerous options for path lighting: Those who choose popular outdoor globe lights that are always in fashion can choose between some of the top class manufacturers. In our shop there are path lights of all kinds so you can find the most suitable products directly, you can also list all search results according to a category, such as price and popularity. Ordering is easy and simple, our shipping is reliable and fast; and we cover shipping costs on orders over £80 (within the UK)! We also manage a wide selection of lights for indoors, like the kitchen and children's room lamps.