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Trio E27 10 Watt 3000 Kelvin 800 Lumen
RRP: £5.95
Trio E27 8 Watt 2700 Kelvin 700 Lumen
RRP: £10.95
Trio E27 6 Watt 3000 Kelvin 600 Lumen
RRP: £10.95
Trio Pali Ceiling Light Ecru, 2-light sources
RRP: £63.95
Trio Pali Wall Light Ecru, 2-light sources
RRP: £56.95
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Trio Ponte Floor Lamp black, 1-light source
Trio Ponte Floor Lamp black, 1-light source
RRP: £171.95
Trio Pali Wall Light Ecru, 1-light source
RRP: £52.95
Trio E27 4 Watt 2700K 320 Lumen
RRP: £15.95
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ANNADALE Pendant Light grey, black, 4-light sources
Trio Filo Pendant Light black, 1-light source
RRP: £153.95
Trio E27 4 Watt 3000 Kelvin 470 Lumen
RRP: £10.95
Trio 2803 wall light chrome, 2-light sources
RRP: £34.95
Trio 2803 wall light chrome, 3-light sources
RRP: £44.95
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Trio Lights in a diverse selection

Founded in 1991 in Arnsberg, the Trio Lights GmbH already has more than 140 employees: Due to the constant deployment of a varied and future-oriented products, Trio Lights has soared up to one of Europe's leading light manufacturers in just over two decades. From timeless classics to ultra-modern LED lamps in a fresh design, you will find an extensive selection of Trio lights for the proper illumination for living areas, properties, and the office.

Lights from Trio are requested all over Europe

One of the reasons for the rapid growth of the Trio Lights GmbH is that the young company shows courage to experiment with unusual shapes and colours. Trio will always remain in step with the times and will continue to have a pro-active, creative dialogue with its customers; which, as a result, increases the number of visually attractive and extremely energy efficient Trio LED lights, and make up the largest share of their goods. Trio wall lights and numerous other lamp types from popular firms both young and old are found in many living rooms and offices in nearly every European country. Among the most famous Trio lights is the practical touch table lamp with multiple brightness settings.

Trademarks from Trio Lights

As a modern and diversified light manufacturer, Trio has positioned itself with various large collections for the market, named the Trio, Reality, and Lifestyle collections. Square, round, or playful; single bulb, or multi-bulb, modern or nostalgic - Trio covers the entire spectrum of contemporary lamp design. Trio Lifestyle lamps are designed for customers who place much more value on a modern an individualistic lifestyle. In summary, many Trio lights in our large collections include numerous types of lamps, such as Trio wall lights, or Trio uplighters, which can be found and ordered easily.

Trio Lights on

Whether as a desk light, ceiling light, floor lamp, or pendant light - Trio Lights leads in all kinds of light variations through exceptional products, such as ceiling fans with lights. In addition, our variety of lights includes a rich and extensive range of lamps from many other very capable manufacturers, including, for example Konstsmide lights and a huge selection of lights from Philips Lights.