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Wall lights for optimal lighting

Wall lights, or wall sconces, are mostly used for additional lighting. Therefore, they often produce indirect light reflected on walls or the ceiling. This type of lighting is soothing and produces a sense of comfort that will not tire the eyes like a direct light. Wall lights perfectly complement your interior lighting concept. They are used as picture & display lights to focus on a particular item on your walls such as a picture or wall hanging. Opt for a wall spotlight if you want a wall light that produces powerful light. Thanks to the outstanding usability of our online store, you can find the ideal wall light in just a few clicks on

The endless variations of wall lights

The most common models include the up & down wall lights, which direct their light both upwards and downwards on the wall. They provide greater elegance with a refined light that is cast, more or less, on the walls. Of course you will find many variations of the style that only cast light up or down, and with more or less direct light. Wall sconces with shades are particularly appreciated in bedrooms, especially in hotel rooms. There are also wall lights for reading which are very convenient on the headboard. Next, for the effect you prefer in your home: Wall sconces may be relatively modest and with discreet dimensions, or otherwise highlighted to be a central element in the room


Similarly, in terms of materials and colours, the diversity of wall lights is impressive with chrome, matte, nickel, brass, glass or coloured fabrics - At your choices are almost limitless. Some LED wall lights can also be equipped with colour filters, creating a unique atmosphere in your home. They can easily be combined with chandeliers whose partnership creates opportunities for some really amazing lighting variations. Some wall lights with pull switches lean in a more traditional style, while others maintain a modern feel with motion sensors or conveniently placed switches elsewhere on the wall.

Placing wall lights

There is no restriction on where you can use wall lights. Thanks to their extremely compact dimensions, they are one of the fixtures that is suitable in all locations, such as the staircase, pantry, hallway, bedroom or bathroom. But be careful to take into consideration the IP rating for lights installed in the bathroom. A second digit minimum of 4 (such as IP54) indicates that your lamp is protected against splashes from all sides. This index is indispensable for bathroom lights installed within 60cm of a sink or bathtub.

For exterior wall lights it is strongly recommended to pay attention to their IP rating. They could become damaged very quickly, unless you plan to install them under a well-protected porch. Fortunately for you, we have selected a wide range of appropriate wall lights for outdoor lighting uses.

Save energy with wall lights

Pay attention to the energy labels of the fixtures you plan to buy, they are a great help in mitigating the long-term cost of your fixtures. These labels are now mandatory in Europe and range from A++ (very efficient) to E (inefficient), which provides an indicator of the brightness relative to the energy consumed. If you do not want make a mistake, opt for LED lights. They have unparalleled efficiency and longevity. Some LED light bulbs are not replaceable because the LEDs are integrated into the light fixture itself. This still allows for energy savings, but it is more useful for creating very intricate designs and shapes. You can also choose to use an LED bulb as a replacement for most conventional light fixtures.

The degree of brightness is indicated in lumens, while the colour of the light is estimated in Kelvin. To give you an idea, a light with 720 lumens corresponds approximately to a conventional 60W bulb. The light can be more or less warm (yellow-white, rather than blue-white), and this colour is determined by the Kelvin value. Halogen type bulbs produce a conventional warm-white around 2,700 Kelvin. Beyond 5,000 Kelvin the colours start getting into the cool-white range.

Buying wall lights on

If you would like further explanation of all the features of wall light designs do not hesitate to contact our experts, they will be happy to answer all of your questions. At we seek to provide exceptional service, because a satisfied customer is a returning customer. That is why we deliver orders as quickly as possible and include shipment tracking, so you can follow the progress of your package. By buying a brand name fixture in our online store, whether it is a sale wall light or a lamp made in Germany, you have the assurance of outstanding quality and price. Thank you for choosing!