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    Home trend 2022: Golden Lamps

    Every few years, the interior design trend is once again ignited by gold. Now the time has come again: imposing precious metal is back - more multifaceted than ever! We explain to you which interior styles Golden-Glow is best suited for and which golden lights will be in vogue in 2022.

    For many, gold evokes a combination of value and extravagance; in contrast to cool silver, however, the luxury metal also conveys warmth and cosiness - making golden decoration a must-have for modern living spaces that are meant to radiate a cosy atmosphere. A great way to integrate brass or gold into the interior is with golden lamps. In this way, you can cleverly combine functional aspects and modern design. When the light of warm white bulbs hits the inside of a golden lampshade, the result is a wonderfully warm illumination that invites you to feel good. By the way, the shiny precious metal in the lampshade or base gives the room a timelessly noble look.

    Which interior styles do golden lamps go with?

    As if by magic, golden lamps add a touch of glamour to any interior style. However, in order to give your interior a glamorous flair without appearing too opulent, it is important to find the right amount of gold for your living spaces and to skilfully combine different shades of gold and brass with your furnishings. Gold accents are particularly well suited to certain modern interior styles, such as this one for example:

    Glamour chic: golden lights are part of the package

    Be bold with colour, glitz and glamour! The glamour chic interior style comes across as extravagant and noble. The classic jewel colours emerald green, sapphire blue or ruby red, which can be found on the wall or in the decoration, are typical for the trendy interior. However, it is the combination with valuable materials such as glass, marble, precious metals and above all: with shiny gold surfaces that gives the look that little bit extra.

    If you then combine your golden lamps with shimmering textiles such as velvet, velour and satin in the form of cushions on the sofa, you get a stylish interior in the characteristic modern glamour-chic style The so-called Dark Chic has also established itself, which dark shades are combined with shiny, golden decorative elements. Among the darker shades, gold accessories and lamps stand out particularly well and add a touch of glamour - with a blinged-out style!

    Mid-Century: Design classics and golden table lamps

    In contrast to the pompous glamour-chic, the mid-century style is interpreted in a modern way and focuses on a reduced design. This Fine design classics born in the 50s and 60s characterise this popular style of living. Delicate furniture legs and simple geometric shapes meet in the mid-century style with more natural materials such as wood or marble. The elegant touch that characterises the mid-century look, however, comes from the combination with gold decoration and gold lighting. Table and floor lamps offer you the advantage that you can reposition them as you wish in the room, with golden pendant lamps you will find glamorous dining table lighting and brass ceiling lamps are suitable for chic and timeless ambient lighting in the room.

    Adding glamour to your boho style: with golden floor lamps

    Boho style living has been in vogue for a long time. The combination of rattan, wickerwork, light woods, textile decorative elements and friendly, often earthy primary colours is very popular. A new variant of boho-chic has developed, in which golden lights play a special role. Golden floor lamps or gold table lamps add an exciting glam factor to the calm Bohemian style. The touch of shine adds a stylish look to any boho living room.

    Buy Golden Lamps:

    If you want to give your interior the finishing touches with a golden lamp, you've come to the right place. Golden floor lamps, ceiling lamps in gold, brass pendant lamps and table lamps with golden glow in glossy or matt: We have a huge selection of golden lamps in all possible shapes and sizes ready for you.