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Art Deco Lamps

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REZAT Floor Lamp LED black-gold, 1-light source
RRP: £294.95
PAROLA Floor Lamp black, 1-light source
RRP: £92.95
BAIYIN Ceiling Light LED gold, 1-light source
RRP: £210.95
Degevos Pendant Light gold, 1-light source
RRP: £50.95
Omega Pendant Light LED black, 1-light source
RRP: £189.95
BERLE Floor Lamp gold, 1-light source
RRP: £515.95
Lavaca Floor Lamp LED brass, 2-light sources
RRP: £168.95
Lourinha arch lamp brass, black, 1-light source
RRP: £294.95
LAVACA Floor Lamp LED black, 2-light sources
RRP: £152.95
Lavaca Table lamp LED brass, 1-light source
RRP: £117.95
WENGI Ceiling light LED gold, 1-light source
RRP: £110.95
YUCAO Ceiling Light gold, 3-light sources
RRP: £100.95
Tuvalu Floor Lamp brass, black, 1-light source
RRP: £339.95
Gallo Table lamp gold, brass, 1-light source
RRP: £42.95
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Art Dèco Lamps: Vintage Meets Modern

Discover the timeless elegance of Art dèco lamps that combine vintage style with modern design. Whether ceiling lights, chandeliers, table lamps, hanging lamps or wall lights - Art dèco lamps are a stylish statement and an enrichment for the interior. With lampshades made of glass, materials such as metal and in colours such as black, gold or brass, art dèco lamps are a perfect addition to a vintage-style home.

A little Lesson in Style: Development of the Art Déco Style

The Art Deco style, which developed between the two world wars of the 20th century, was a design movement that artfully combined elegance and luxury. The heyday of the era can be dated to the period between the 1920s and 1940s in France and was influenced by Art Nouveau and Modern Style. The term "Art déco" is derived from the French term "Arts décoratifs", which refers to decorative, form-giving art and applied art, for example in the fields of architecture, fashion or furniture.

Characteristics of Art Dèco Lamps

Compared to Art Nouveau, which focused on curved lines and nature as a source of inspiration, the Art Deco style is characterised by geometric structures, clear lines and a modern, abstract approach. The lampshades are often made of opalescent glass, coloured glass or metal and feature artistic shapes such as cylinders, conical silhouettes or spherical designs.

  • Geometric shapes
  • ornate decorations,
  • bold colours such as gold, black or brass and 
  • the combination of different materials 

make lamps in the Art Deco style a timeless, elegant eye-catcher.

Different Versions of Art Deco Lights

Art déco lamps are available in various designs that can be integrated into the interior in a variety of ways. Popular types include table lamps with geometric designs made of glass or metal, pendant lights with opulent decorations and clean lines, stylish wall lamps and floor lamps with slender silhouettes and eye-catching details.

  • Art deco table lamps are ideal as accents on side tables, chests of drawers or desks. They add subtle glamour and, as desk lamps, also provide functional light in the work area.
  • Art Deco-style pendant lights can be placed above dining tables, in entrance areas or above living room tables. Their striking designs and elegant play of light make for a striking eye-catcher.
  • Chandeliers in the Art Deco style impress with their diverse designs and lavish details.
  • Art déco ceiling lights can unfold their luminosity in the living room, bedroom or hallway, creating an eye-catching accent that illuminates the room with elegant charm.
  • Floor lamps with their slender shapes and artistic ornamentation in the Art Deco style can be placed in reading corners or as decoration in living rooms to create a sophisticated atmosphere.
  • Art déco wall lamps are used as indirect lighting and create a cosy, inviting atmosphere.

Buy Art Deco Lamps Online

Our online shop offers a wide selection of high-quality and luxurious lamps in antique designs. Discover ceiling lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and chandeliers inspired by the Art Deco style. The versatility of Art Deco lamps allows them to be seamlessly integrated into various interior styles as decorative and functional lighting. Whether in a modern loft, a classic interior or a minimalist room - these antique-style lights set accents and add a touch of glamour and timeless elegance to any ambience.