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Living room lights of all styles

The living room is a versatile room where groups often participate in various activities. The living room lights must comply with many requirements to create as cosy an atmosphere as possible. To do this, you need about three to five living room lights, which, in addition to the primary light, create different islets of light for a pleasant effect. On this site, we offer all types of living room fixtures and advise you on your living room lighting options.

Harmonise your living room lighting in a targeted manner

Ideally, there must be uniform primary lighting for the room. For this, the wide-angle ceiling light with warm white light is an especially good match. Using dimmable lights also allows you to flexibly adapt to the main lighting mood. The primary lighting must therefore use completely decentralized lights. The contrast between the different light areas gives the room a more vibrant and diverse atmosphere. For chandeliers, table lamps, or wall lights, using halogen bulbs or LEDs is especially recommended.

Living room lights

One central ceiling light is not always enough to ensure pleasant lighting. The living room ceiling lights can be recessed lights or not. If your choice turns to the combination of several spotlights, they can be oriented in a decentralised manner for indirect lighting. Track light systems opens up further layout possibilities through the fixtures ability to move and be operated separately.

Living room wall sconces

Wall sconces can also produce an aesthetic indirect light, blending harmoniously into the room in the form of several small light areas. For a particularly pleasant atmosphere, the living room wall lights project beautiful patterns on the wall which are both discreet and effective. You can even aim for direct lighting from a diffused light.

Living room floor lamps, table lamps, and chandeliers

The living room floor lamps are often used to illuminate reading corners. However, they may also be used more generally as area lighting. The indirect lighting from floor lamps with an additional reading light arm are extremely practical for reading corners: they simultaneously project an indirect light on the ceiling and provide the ideal light for reading. To remain optimal, the contrast in brightness between the illuminated book and the environment should not be too great, otherwise it will cause eye strain. Chandeliers can also be used for direct lighting of the living room.