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Nordlux AVRA pendant light chrome, black, 1-light source
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Nordlux HANG Pendant Light grey, 1-light source
Nordlux HANG Pendant Light grey, 1-light source
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Nordlux: Danish designer lights at affordable prices

Due to having fewer hours of sunlight in the far North, Scandinavians spend a lot of time in their homes and therefore place a special emphasis on comfortable and harmonious décor. The aim of Nordlux, a Danish company from Aalborg, is to offer great designs at low prices. Beautiful accents to your home are provided by Nordlux's indoor and outdoor lighting. The diverse range of products is aimed primarily at young people who place a lot of value on stylish lighting.

Create a stylish set-up with Nordlux

"Design for the people" is Nordlux's slogan, which summarises the claim for well made, affordable, and fascinating designer lights for as many people as possible. Most of Nordlux lights harbour a quiet appearance in neutral colours, such as white, grey, and black, which can blend harmoniously into the various interior design styles. But also colourful models and other visual eye-catchers are included in their wide portfolio. Scandinavian lights should highlight the architecture and the décor to grab a person's attention.

Pretty and simple, but with plenty of character - Scandinavian design is popular around the world. Pendant lights, ceiling lights, or floor lights, halogen lamps or LED bulbs: Many Nordlux lights are attractively designed to contribute to good living and well-being. The outdoor lighting from Nordlux includes more affordable and attractive outdoor floor lamps, wall lights, recessed ground spotlights and much more. Resistant stainless steel is one of the most commonly used materials. A large part of Nordlux's outdoor lights are equipped with a reliable motion detector.

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The very important role of exterior lighting is equally as important in interior areas as well. It's only through your lights that you will have a completely good feeling at home, day or night: Even the most beautiful rooms do not come into their own without the right lighting. A complete range of residential lighting in attractive visual designs is provided by the company Steinhauer, among other things. At the office and the workplace in general, the lighting conditions affect the well-being of employees. Beautiful office lighting, as seen in our light collection will shine through. At you get everything from one place: Living room, outdoor, and office lighting! Order a new pendant light, wall lamp, or ceiling lamp, etc., and shipping is free of charge in the UK with orders over £80.