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    Spherical lamps: Decorative lighting for your home

    Modern spherical luminaires have been in vogue for years: they bring timeless elegance to your interiors and, as outdoor luminaires, are eye-catchers in your outdoor area.

    The timeless, round shape can be easily combined with almost all furnishing styles - that's what makes spherical lamps so popular: they fit seamlessly into your modern furniture landscape, but also match your vintage sofa or your Skandi-style flat. Thanks to the wide range of materials - from metal to wicker and rattan to glass and smoked glass - and different colours, there is a spherical lamp to suit everyone!

    Spherical luminaires for indoors

    While special ball lamps for the garden or your terrace are often fixed in the ground with a spike and you should pay attention to the appropriate protection class, you can position and use your ball lamps indoors in many ways: Be it as a hanging ceiling spherical lamp, spherical pendant lamp, table lamp or as a lamp on the floor.

    Particularly large spherical lamps and spherical floor lamps quickly become trendy eye-catchers in a room and provide pleasant, indirect light. Spherical table lamps, which radiate light evenly in all directions with their spherical lampshades, also create a cosy atmosphere. Especially spherical lamps with wire mesh conjure up dreamlike patterns of light on your walls and ceilings!

    Spherical lamps for every application

    For the dining room, pendant lamps with glass spheres are a good choice: several hanging spherical lamps in different sizes are not only decorative, but can also be used optimally at different heights for functional illumination of your table. Popular spherical lamps in the living room, on the other hand, are often floor lamps with a large spherical lampshade or several small ones. Adjustable lamp arms can be flexibly set and provide bright accents wherever you want them.

    If you already have your home optimally equipped with luminaires, but do not want to do without the special flair of a spherical lamp, you are well advised to choose a spherical table lamp. There is almost always a place for these discreet and versatile lamps: be it as a small spherical lamp for indirect lighting on a chest of drawers or as an economical LED spherical lamp in the hallway. Thanks to the economical light source, an LED spherical lamp is also ideal as a night light.

    Glass spherical lamps: vintage charm for your home

    As we all know, most trends come back, including the popular spherical lamps of the 70s made of smoked glass: The tinted glass of the spherical lampshade of the vintage spherical lamp does not shimmer too obtrusively, but is still an eye-catcher - especially in combination with a trendy retro light bulb.

    Our range of spherical lights offers you a wide selection of materials and colours: Discreetly minimalist-looking spherical lamps with wire reveal the illuminant, whereas classic white spherical lamps, for example as floor lamps, illuminate your room or skilfully set accents here. Those who like it exquisite will also find what they are looking for: Our design spherical lamps score with high-quality workmanship and give your room a unique character. Robust ball lamps made of plastic, on the other hand, are the right choice for interior lovers who frequently change their place of residence: This way, you can be sure that your favourite piece will accompany you for many years!

    Buy ball lamps online

    In our shop, you will find a large selection of variants of the most popular spherical lamps, from well-known manufacturers to models for a particularly low price. Some globe lamps are already equipped with LED bulbs and are therefore a good choice for energy-saving lighting of your four walls. Browse through our shop and find the spherical lamp that suits you best! If you order directly, your home will shine in a whole new look just a short time later!