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First impressions count - hallway lights provide a welcoming atmosphere

In well-lit entrance areas and hallways, visitors get a realistic impression of the atmosphere of a house or apartment, while the owners get to enjoy a pleasant, welcoming light. Hallway lighting has been neglected for many years, but today more and more people are discovering the advantages of excellent hallway lights. Another important aspect of the hallway lights is their safety, which is especially important for high traffic areas in every building, such as hallways. Learn what you need to know about hallway lights.

Appropriate hallway lights increase safety

When quickly crossing a busy corridor, you need to be able to see everything immediately. Low lighting and unfavourable shadows could lead to serious accidents. Therefore, stairs are illuminated ideally by rows of recessed spotlights that are perfect when walking down stairs. More and more hallway lights contain LEDs as the light source because they consume the least electricity and cover a particularly wide range of light colours.

Ceiling lights in the hallway

Most hallways are long and narrow. Often several ceiling lights are spread down the hallway to create uniform brightness. In hallways with low ceilings, recessed ceiling lights are recommended to boost the visual appearance of the room. Small spotlights mounted to the ceiling can also give a favourable impression about the size of the room with their bright, indirect light. Hallway lights can be flexibly aligned to a track system, and the light on the upper areas of the wall can spill over, reinforcing the optical effect. In this way, room and spatial light is particularly flexible and can be combined in fascinating ways.

Wall lights in hallways

Lengthy, extended walls in hallways offer plenty of space for wall lights. In winding and narrow buildings, wall lights in hallways can help organise traffic flow as well as be eye-catching or interesting. Many customers opt for hallway wall lights that provide indirect or diffused light. Through the combination of a wall light's pattern of light and shadow, additional dimensions in the room are brought forward. To make the hallways even more attractive, pictures, photos, and drawings can be hung - but these pieces of artwork are better lit by separate picture lights.

Entrances, closets, and mirrors

With high ceilings, however, large hanging lights in the hallway are usually the better choice. They provide a positive reception light and at the same time act as interesting attention grabbers. Very often, however, hanging lamps are found in large reception rooms. Wardrobes adjacent to hallways should be lit by ceiling lights or recessed spotlights as well, so that you always have a full overview of its contents. So that it is always easy to see yourself in a mirror, directional light from above is advisable, but also lateral wall lights with bright, glare-free light are also very well suited. Atmospheric lighting accents on sideboards and drawers complete the lighting concept for the entrance area.

Hallway lights with motion sensors reduce the electricity bill

In addition to providing reliable footing, hallway lights with motion sensors provide two additional good arguments in their favour. Not only do they improve the usability of hallways because they automatically turn on and off, but also your wallet will be happier. Usually you need the light usually only for a few minutes, so you can save a lot of money by using motion sensors in hallways in the medium and long term - and the same is true for stair lights.

Your advantages in the shop

A careful selection of hallway lights from numerous internationally renowned manufacturers is available at Whether searching for a ceiling light, wall light, or some other kind of light to use as a hallway light: A large proportion of the products are known for durable craftsmanship from Germany. Hallway lights, bathroom lights, kitchen lights or children's room lights the range of products includes models of all styles, sizes, shapes, colours, and materials. Our modern logistics centre guarantees that goods are shipped as soon as possible, and if the order value exceeds £80, and is within the UK, shipping is completely free of charge. If there is any question about any of our products, our trained support experts will be able to answer by phone or email.