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Light Bulbs

E27 LED 6 Watt 2200 Kelvin 320 Lumen
RRP: £12.95
E27 LED 6 Watt 2700 Kelvin 350 Lumen
RRP: £12.95
LED G9 3,5 Watt 2700 Kelvin 310 Lumen
RRP: £4.95
E27 set of 2 LED 6 Watt 2200 Kelvin 650 Lumen
RRP: £16.95
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Eglo LED E27 3,5 Watt 2200 Kelvin 220 Lumen
Eglo LED E27 3,5 Watt 2200 Kelvin 220 Lumen
RRP: £10.95
E27 set of 2 LED 6 watt 2200 Kelvin 650 lumen
RRP: £16.95
LED E27 6W 2700 Kelvin 600 Lumen
RRP: £8.95
E27 LED 6 Watt 2200 Kelvin 320 Lumen
RRP: £12.95
LED RGB E27 10W 2700 Kelvin 800 Lumen
RRP: £12.95

Light bulbs for lights of all kinds

From classic incandescent light bulbs and energy-saving bulbs, to modern LED light bulbs in the desired light colour: There is a large diversity of light bulbs. We carry not only incandescent light bulbs and LEDs, but also numerous types of gas discharge bulbs, like fluorescent light bulbs. When choosing the proper light bulb, it is important to consider the proper fitting, power consumption, the colour index and the light colour. Many light fixtures can also use various light bulbs like halogen lights and Retrofit-LEDs.

The selection of light bulbs continues to grow

Many LED (Light Emitting Diode) innovations, like with a G9 base, can replace halogen lamps. LED lights also offer an increasingly diverse range of applications - from LEDs in the classic pear shape with warm-white light colour, to colour changing, and continuously dimmable LEDs. We offer a carefully selected assortment of light bulbs from leading brands, like Philips. For lights with standard sockets like E14 and E27, all common light bulbs are widely available.

Incandescent light bulbs as a light source

The incandescent light bulb developed by Thomas Edison was commonly used for more than one hundred years, but those days are now over. The biggest issue with these bulbs is that 95% of the energy used in incandescent lights is not converted into light, but is lost as heat. And because there are many more energy-efficient solutions, these light bulbs have been phased out.

Energy-saving light bulbs as a light source

The direct successors of incandescent lights are the EU funded energy-saving light bulbs. They convert a higher percentage of the incoming electrical current into light. However, energy-saving light bulbs do not immediately reach their maximum brightness, and they may flicker, even throughout continuous operation. These bulbs are long lasting, but must be disposed of in a costly manner.

Much like the classic incandescent light bulbs, halogen lights emit a lot of heat and therefore are less energy efficient.

Fluorescent light bulbs as a light source

Fluorescent light bulbs are metal halide lamps, a subcategory of low pressure gas discharge tubes. Light bulbs with neutral white light are especially popular, and there are of course other warm-white, daylight-white, and other colours available.

LED light bulbs as a light source

LED light bulbs are characterised by their long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. In addition, they are especially energy efficient in comparison with traditional light bulbs, providing up to 90% energy-savings. Your LED light contains no UV or infrared rays. Before, LED lights were known only for cold, bluish light, but now they are available in all colours.

Important - Energy efficiency

Of crucial importance for purchasing light bulbs is its energy efficiency. All light bulbs must have an energy label on the scale ranges from A++ (most efficient) to E (least efficient), so that consumers can easily assess its power consumption.

Interchangeable and fixed light bulbs

Every light is characterised as either fixed or interchangeable so that you always know if the light bulbs can be replaced, and what is a suitable fit. Also their energy efficiency is relevant in this context because, for example, there are some light fixtures in which the light bulb can be completely exchanged, models where this is partly the case, and models with permanently installed light bulbs. If there is one such product that simply gives out one day, its often due to a defective electronic power supply. In our shop you will find not only lights of all kinds and the suitable replacement light bulbs for every model, but also many more accessories.