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    Energy-saving light bulbs save money and the environment

    130 years ago, when Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb, he did not really consider its energy efficiency. But since 2012, traditional incandescent light bulbs may not be sold in the EU because of their high power consumption. Since this rule change, distributors started selling more energy-saving bulbs products, most of them as compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), halogen bulbs, and LED bulbs. Because all of them consume less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs, they can all be referred to as energy-saving light bulbs. At you will find high-quality light sources with excellent efficiency in every desirable design.

    Find the right energy-saving bulbs

    Halogen bulbs are now established as the power-saving adaptation to the classic incandescent light bulb. They have the same construction principles; however, the halogen gas creates a chemical reaction cycle with the tungsten from the filament, which increases its lifespan and light intensity. Compared to incandescent bulbs, they already save around a third on energy costs, but they still demand a relatively large amount of energy. But in the end, halogen bulbs produce a very pleasant light with less energy than traditional light bulbs.

    Energy-saving bulbs are not incandescent light bulbs, rather gas discharge lights in a compact form. They are definitely energy-efficient, but have a few practical drawbacks. Firstly, they are not suitable for every room because they do not reach maximum brightness immediately when turned on. Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) also last for fewer on-off cycles compared to other energy-saving bulbs, and its colour rendering leaves some to be desired in the red colour area. Lastly, there are small amounts of mercury in the light, so you cannot dispose of energy-saving lamps with the normal household waste.

    A wide variety of shapes and models

    There are energy-saving bulbs in all common forms such as bulb, candle, and tubular shape, with all kinds of white colours ranging from warm white to daylight white, but other colourful models are also available. There are energy-saving light bulbs for nearly all socket type, whether its E14 bulbs, GU10 bulbs or R7s. Since many manufacturers compete to attract consumers the difference in quality can be very high. The relatively high prices for energy-saving bulbs is justified through their energy saving properties and longer lifespan. Over the years you can save money with high quality energy-saving bulbs. Also if the light fixture is often turned on and off, like in combination with a motion sensor, it should be designed to last through many cycles.

    LED energy-saving bulbs

    LED lamps have the greatest advantage in terms of energy savings. LEDs need only a few watts to deliver as bright a light as other sources. Out of all energy-saving lamps, LEDs are the most eco-friendly. They generally work for more than 20,000 hours; so if you use it on average 3 hours per day, its lifespan will last at least 20 years. There are numerous lights where the light bulb is fixed in place, so you won't be able to replace the bulb. Their light is flicker-free and they reach full power immediately after switching on. Our tip for you: Exchange your old light bulbs with LED, E14 energy-saving bulbs, or E27 it is worth it both financially and ecologically!

    Energy-saving bulbs and affordable shopping

    Whether it's for the kitchen, bedroom, or living room lights: Energy saving is an advantage everywhere. We offer high quality LED lights from world renowned manufacturers such as Philips, whose premium lights can be enjoyed for decades. In addition to energy-saving bulbs, there are also models available like R7s energy-saving bulbs. Immediately after receipt of payment, we will arrange for speedy delivery to your front door. If you need further information about energy-saving lights or anything from our product descriptions, you can always contact our competent customer service. We wish you the best for your light and high energy savings!