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Outdoor sockets

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Order high quality outdoor sockets at affordable prices

Working in the garden or having a grill party a power connection in the yard is practical for many situations. The cabling is mostly underground, so there is a lot of keep in mind. Often outdoor sockets are even essential, like for operating and lighting of a beautiful garden pond. There are both portable models as well as those for fixed installation on stony or soft surfaces. Also there are diverse designs available, as well as hidden exterior sockets, for example in an unobtrusive tree stump or fake rock.

Find the right outdoor socket

Single, double, or quadruple: First, you should think about how many outdoor sockets you actually need. Often it is better to distribute individual sockets around the yard instead of having all the connections right next to each other. In any case, it's nice not having to connect any electrical tables from inside anymore. It is especially practical if the garden sockets are controlled by a remote. This way multiple devices such as sprinklers can be turned on at once. Also a timer for automatic time control can be easily integrated.

Standing exterior sockets

Frequently, standing exterior sockets are made with metals such as stainless steel and high-quality plastics. The preferred location is flower beds, especially those adjacent to the entrance. Some varieties also protect the socket with weatherproof housing, which is furnished with the house number and stand next to the entrance of the yard. Ten or two meters are common wiring length options.

Decorative figures

Many outdoor sockets are also garden lights. Electrical equipment and wiring make our lives much easier, but it makes more sense if they are hidden from view for the most ideal setups. There are numerous clever solutions, especially for the garden, so hiding the outside sockets behind a coloured plastic cover, for example, makes it indistinguishable from a stone. This popular variation is common not only next to the garden pond, even garden figurines are a very elegant solution for accommodating a socket into its own green paradise. Or match decorations with classic outdoor globe lights.

Garden sockets and safety

Of course, all outdoor sockets need adequate protection against the weather, in particular any moisture must be prevented from entering the socket. Here is the IP rating overview: An external socket with an IP44 rating is protected against splashes (2nd digit). An outdoor socket with an IP54 rating is dust proof (1st digit), sockets with IP65 are both dustproof and protected against jets of water. Childproof snap fasteners ensure that young children cannot be injured.

Multiple uses for the garden socket

Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, and many other garden tools need electricity to function. And if the garden is in full bloom, you may want to share this view with the family, friends, and neighbours. Outdoor sockets ensure that electric grills and other quick and easy cooking appliances are functional. If the electrical outlets can support heaters, you can even have garden parties on cool autumn evenings.

Outdoor sockets in the online shop

Our outdoor sockets are supplied by renowned manufacturers like EGLO, Philips, and other companies whose offerings fully satisfy our in-house lighting experts. At, you can find all kinds of lighting equipment, including many outdoor wall lights and other outdoor lamps with sockets. Models with motion sensors from Steinel and other leading suppliers are also available. Fast delivery is free of charge for orders over £80 anywhere in the UK. For questions on individual items, our friendly and competent support team is available by email or telephone.