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Stair lights for safety and well-being

The right staircase light provides a significant safety contribution: accidents on staircases often result from inadequate lighting. Most of the stair lights are either ceiling or wall lights, frequently in the form of recessed spotlights. You should never neglect stair lights, not only in the interest of moving safely, but also for aesthetic reasons. The data increasingly shows how strong, instant lighting improves your well-being.

Always in step with the right staircase lights.

The wall-mounted light is a great example of classic staircase lighting: The individual steps are lit from above, to minimise the risk of falling and injury. Recessed wall spotlights are also suitable light alternatives, as long as they are fixed at a relatively low height above the steps. An additional advantage of recessed lights: The lights are flush with the wall or ceiling, which not only looks elegant, but also reduces the sources of danger.

With their light grouped together and directed downwards, wall lights are also a tried and true solution. For light sources, LEDs are more frequently used than conventional energy-saving bulbs. With LED light strips, each individual steps will be made stress free. Beautiful ceiling lights, often recessed ceiling spotlights or some other form of downlight, and hanging lights also achieve solid basic brightness in the stairwell. Many staircase lights are also suitable as hallway lights, and function perfectly as garage lights.

Staircase lighting with automatic motion sensors

Motion sensors prove their usefulness in many ways. With motion sensor lights, no one can forget to turn the light off, not even children who are busy playing. If you have to use the stairs with both hands completely full, the problem of pressing a switch is eliminated - which is also a big plus for safety within your own home. They work by reading invisible frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum (radar), or inaudible ultrasonic waves, which signals to the light to turn on automatically when the staircase is being used.

Stair lights for every lifestyle

On, you quickly and easily find the right stair lights. In addition, our range includes other important lighting categories for residential and commercial use. From bedroom lights to living room lights, through to children's room lights we offer a wide selection of lights of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles. Orders will be shipped out immediately upon payment receipt, and orders over £80 and within the UK will be shipped free of charge! Do you have more questions? Our friendly support team knows the answer!