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Pendant and hanging lights for your home

This is certainly one of the most inspiring types of lighting for designers. Because of their ability to occupy space, pendant and hanging lights are a key element of room decoration. We have gathered an impressive amount of hanging light models in our online shop, which reflect the diversity of styles and forms offered by these lights. You can find the hanging light of your dreams in just a few clicks using the filters and categories available to you. If you are struggling to decide, you might also find inspiration through our suggestions.

Unlimited diversity of hanging lights

Round or angular models, one or more bulbs, LED pendant lights or crystal chandeliers; you will be amazed by the incredible creativity of our brand name light designers. In terms of materials, you will find a wide range of glass pendant lights and different colours of metal lights ranging from brass to chrome; black to white. Some are fitted with fabric lampshades that give a more refined look. To fit all rooms and ceiling heights, many hanging lights can be adjusted, and some have a special adjusting counterweight system.

In many cases, hanging lights are also well suited as professional lighting. From offices in exhibition halls, to waiting rooms, they provide very practical lighting for all uses. They are also increasingly popular in restaurants because they can more closely illuminate a table and create a more intimate atmosphere.

Hanging lights occupy empty spaces

This type of light is traditionally used to illuminate a kitchen table or dining room. They bring the light closer to the surface that is being illuminated, which also helps improve concentration. Their shape can be adapted to that of the table to create a visual harmony in terms of line of décor, or otherwise they can be used to break up a monotonous feeling. However, this is not the only use for hanging lights. If you have relatively high ceilings, we urge you to give priority to hanging globe lights over other ceiling lights. Even for tight budgets there are alternatives; find satisfaction in our range of paper hanging lights or sale hanging lights.

Design your interior lighting concept

It is highly recommended to consider a room as a whole when buying a light. Paper hanging lights are certainly enough to provide general, uniform light, but they can be well complemented by wall sconces, floor lamps, or spotlights, for example. For large rooms and areas with multiple uses such as the living room or kitchen, use between 3 and 5 different light sources for optimal lighting. You will find all the options to create your ideal light atmosphere at

What light bulbs fit my hanging light?

The LED revolution currently underway in the lighting world is particularly noticeable in regards to hanging lights. In addition to their great energy savings due to their high efficiency, LEDs allow a proliferation of design possibilities. Many manufacturers are taking advantage of the exceptional longevity (up to 50,000 hours, or 50 years of normal use) to integrate LEDs directly into the product structure. The bulbs cannot be replaced, but it allows for very fine quality light fixtures because they do not need to provide extra space to accommodate a light bulb socket. In this case you also save on the price of buying replacement bulbs.

Of course, we have retained many classic models in our assortment. Halogen hanging lights are also popular for their warm light that can be dimmed to your tastes. By combining your hanging light with a dimmer, you have the huge advantage of being able to adapt the brightness level to your desires.

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