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Ceiling lights, the central element of your interior

Whether it is the entrance for a small room, or a large, modern style lounge, the ceiling light is one of the key elements of your interior design. Thanks to its central position in the room, ceiling lights diffuse a uniform light throughout the space. On you will find all types of light fixtures for your home and office, including dimmable halogen ceiling lights.

Varieties of ceiling lights

As essential pieces of your indoor lighting, ceiling lights exist in nearly an infinite diversity of types and shapes to meet all your wishes. Square, round, or rectangular ceiling lights are available for your room; they may hug the traditional lines of design, or break from overly uniform setups. You can also opt for multi-bulb ceiling lights to direct light to specific points you want to highlight, such as a table or reading corner, for example. If you have particularly high ceilings, you may turn towards pendant lights or chandeliers, or even ceiling globe lights that can magnify the volume of your room. In addition to the geometric shapes you will find in our online shop, you can also find ceiling lights in floral designs, in straight, and in curved line designs. Or, in case you are looking for outdoor ceiling lights for your terrace or patio, you will find a large assortment of lights available on our website.

The technical aspects to be taken into account

There are currently three main types of light bulbs: energy-saving bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LEDs (light emitting diodes). LEDs have been improved significantly in the past few years, and what was once a very expensive product a few years ago, is now widespread. This trend should continue because of LEDs extraordinary longevity and their very low energy consumption. They provide tremendous opportunities in terms of design for LED ceiling lights. Since March 2014, every light sold in the EU must be accompanied by an energy label to allow consumers to choose the most cost-effective lighting. Energy efficiency is indicated on a scale ranging from A++ (very efficient) to E (very inefficient).

The IP rating should also be taken into account, in particular for the purchase of a bathroom ceiling light. It is always in the form of a two-digit number; the first indicates the degree of protection against external physical particles, like dust; the second indicates how well the lamp is protected against water. A ceiling light in a bathroom should therefore have at least a minimum rating of IPX4.

Traditional to contemporary design

There is something for everyone at! Flush ceiling lights offer simple and discreet modern design, or maybe you are looking for multi-coloured fixtures whatever it is, you will certainly discover the right ceiling light to beautify your home in our online shop. Some features should especially be taken into account when customising your lighting, like including dimmers which allow you to adjust the light intensity to fit your needs and to soften the atmosphere. Ceiling lights with motion detectors are especially useful when you need immediate light, like in a cellar or on a porch.

Ceiling lights in different materials

Our lights are made of various materials such as metals, or textiles for ceiling lights with a shade, or plastic for inexpensive ceiling lights. We also offer a wide range of chrome coloured lights, which are particular popular. You can also find ceiling lights in brass, brushed aluminium, or with a variety of glass, opals, transparent glass, and some of our manufacturers offer a wide range of wooden lights or special materials such as the COCOON series from EGLO, which uses silkworm cocoons.

The choice of ceiling lights is closely linked to your design plans

Given the importance of ceiling lights as the primary light source, and because of its position in the centre of the room, it must be perfectly adapted to your interior decorations. Therefore, we strongly recommend you plan for light sources that will harmoniously complete this lighting task, whether it's wall lights that provide a mild or indirect light, or spotlights for more precise and concentrated light. At we offer a wide range of indoor ceiling lights. And if you are hunting for bargains, check out our sale section for exclusive offers!