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    Targeted lighting with ceiling spotlights

    Targeted lights coming out of the ceiling are perfectly suited to stage certain zones or individual elements of the interior design. Before ceiling spotlights were discovered as light sources for the room and furniture, they were already used in museums, galleries, exhibitions, and other artistic environments. There is a very wide selection of ceiling lights and recessed ceiling spotlights in all major styles and with different light sources, such as halogen bulbs and LEDs.

    Ceiling spotlights in all varieties

    An increasing number of new buildings are planned with numerous recessed ceiling spotlights from the outset. They can guarantee full ambient lighting for living rooms and corridors, and are also used as zonal accent lighting. Modern architecture of the new millennium favours more discreet lighting that disappears into the ceiling, leaving a clean flat surface. But there are still other diverse possibilities for ceiling spotlights which can rotate and flex to align themselves in any position. Even if multi-bulb ceiling lights protrude into the room, the pivoting orientation significantly expands the spaces it can be used.

    Ceiling spotlight design

    For ceiling spotlights, typically the functional component prevails, so it's simple and modern look attracts the attention of the viewer to a small degree. Of course there are many successful models which represent real added value to the visual attractiveness of the appliance's great design, therefore many ceiling spotlights are made with bronze and gold colours. Multi-bulb ceiling spotlights often have a very beautiful cloudy or white glass lampshade.

    Which light bulbs are for ceiling spotlights?

    Essentially the choice is between halogen bulbs and light emitting diodes (LEDs). There are lights powered with halogen lights with 230 volts and low voltage varieties: If the operating voltage will be reduced by a built-in transformer, it will typically be reduced to 12 volts. Halogen lights are characterised by an excellent colour rendering index, so that the entire device has an authentic, traditional light colour. Ceiling lights with halogen light bulbs can get very hot. Important: Always pay attention to the fire protection symbols with recessed spotlights and consult with an expert before installing. High quality LED ceiling lights have the advantage that they create little heat, which helps alleviate the burden of proper fire protection during installation. LEDs are the most commonly used light bulbs by a wide margin. Commonly available E27 ceiling lights can usually be conveniently equipped with LED bulbs in what is called a LED-Retrofit.

    Ceiling spotlights in the Illumination.co.uk online shop

    Single bulb or multi-bulb; classic, chic, or purist and modern, we offer you ceiling spotlights from many manufacturers who have made a name for themselves for their products with a high price-to-performance ratio. Also if you would like to use outdoor recessed lights, you will be able to find it quickly in our diverse product range. Your advantages at Illumination.co.uk: Wide selection, clear surveying of products, affordable prices, and quick shipping! If you have a question about a ceiling spotlight, or any other existing product, you can find the answer from our friendly customer support.