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Dining room lights produce a pleasant ambience

In the dining room, everything depends on how well the central dining table is illuminated. The table must appear in the best light, and therefore it is important that the dining room lights above the table support a stimulating atmosphere for discussion. Pendant lamps are the classic match for dining tables: Many models have multiple bulbs and their height above the table can be adjusted. Wall lights, picture lights, and other light sources can provide supplemental atmospheric accents.

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Dining table lights for every lifestyle

Beautiful pendant lights in the dining room can be a powerful eye-catcher. Their diversity matches every furnishing style, from nostalgic to futuristic. Tinted glass and dense fabric shades are most suitable as materials for lampshades. In general, round pendant lights are a better match for round dining tables, and narrow and elongated forms better match rectangular tables. The very energy efficient, and thereby extremely compact LED bulbs, have opened a totally new scope of dining table lights for designers, for example where the body of the LED dining room lights itself acts as a lampshade.

As a general rule of thumb, the ideal height of a dining room hanging light is 60cm above the table. Ultimately, this allows table guests to easily make eye contact and converse with each other. Of course, the dining room lamps must be completely glare-free regardless of its height. Ideally, they are dimmable so that you can adjust their brightness to the situation. Ceiling lights are useful not just in rooms with low ceilings, but in the right circumstances they can be installed in the dining room to illuminate a table. Chandeliers are perfect in dining rooms with high ceilings. Or you can find unusual table lamps for the dining room at fair prices in our shop!

Wall and ceiling lights for dining rooms

When setting up the dining room it has been proven that lighting up the space around the dining room table is important, otherwise this area can seem lifeless and drab. Establishing additional dining table lights such as wall lights or floor lamps are useful as long as they don't outshine the dining table light. Other lights, even picture lights, are popular as long as they enrich the environment with underlying bright accents. A wall light can also contribute to stylish and pleasant lighting, if it forms a harmonious addition to the pendant light. Many use ceiling lights in the dining room for lighting if there is a need for evenly distributed light.

Dining room lights in the shop

While looking for a beautiful dining room light, you can find great products to fit your lifestyle from many respected manufacturers. There are also plenty of options for matching the dining room and kitchen lights. You can find the most appropriate dining room lights in just a few clicks either by using the search function or sorting through our filter criteria, such as price or brand. Our modern logistics centre in Cologne, Germany ensures that all ordered lights are shipped out without delay, and our friendly customer service team knows the answer to any question you might have about lights.

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