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Balcony & terrace lights

Balconies, terraces, and porches are primarily used for relaxation and rest. There are special balcony & terrace lights so that you can enjoy a private oasis of relaxation in the fresh air in the best possible way, even after sunset. From ground spotlights to wall lights all the way to ceiling spotlights, there is a huge variety as large as the indoor light department. Before you decide to buy, be mindful of a balcony light's IP rating, so that no water can penetrate into the light. We explain how to easily find the right outdoor lights for balconies and terraces.

Carefully choose balcony and terrace lights

Before you quickly finish buying a new balcony light that you like, you should first sort out some of the details. Of course brightness is very important. The measure of the light output serves as a benchmark, where 700 lumens roughly corresponds to the brightness of a 60-watt incandescent bulb. Also the angle of the lamp is an important indicator to assess the lighting effect of a balcony or patio lamp. The colour of the outer walls of the house also play an important role. A dark red brick wall requires a significantly brighter light compared to a white plaster façade. LED lights consume much less power and can withstand, by far, the most cycles.

Functional and decorative balcony lights

Another fundamental question is whether lamps and bulbs should primarily be functional, or decorative. Ground spotlights on the edges of open spaces are very practical porch lamps because they hardly take up space and can be located next to areas protected against moisture. Wall lights for balconies, verandas, and terraces are often combined with up-and-downlights, that is, light that shines above and below the fixture: The dual light emission creates evocative patterns of light and shadows. There are of course models with many light openings, while wide pivoting outdoor spotlights can selectively spread direct as well as indirect light.

To generate bright light on a balcony or terrace, outdoor ceiling lights and waterproof floor lights. This way you can stay out on the balcony late in the evenings and easily read or do other precise tasks with sufficient light. Whoever would like to just sit outside and relax is probably already satisfied with a few decorative solar lights. These use hardly any electricity and offer pleasantly subdued lighting.

Large selection of balcony and terrace lights

Our extensive range includes numerous lamps that are especially suitable for outdoor use. Usually an IP rating of 44 is sufficient: Neither foreign objects greater than 1mm, nor water spray, can harm the balcony light. In some environments, the protection must, however, be at least IPX5 - in this case the light is also protected against water jets. These ratings are especially relevant when looking for pond & underwater lightsthat must be completely waterproof. Stainless steel outdoor lights and other watertight metals are especially robust. Wall lights, spotlights, or solar lighting: At you will find wonderful balcony and terrace lights at excellent prices, and free shipping on orders over £80 within the UK!