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Solar light Tian LED black, 1-light source
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BASRA solar light LED chrome, 1-light source, Motion sensor
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Solar lights for the garden: atmospheric lighting

Decorative solar garden lights that charge their batteries during the day in the sunlight are not only popular with garden enthusiasts. From geometric shapes, lanterns and fairy lights to beautiful garden lamps in the style of animal figures, garden gnomes and Buddha statues, solar lights are available in countless designs. With them, you can set atmospheric accents and conjure up an inviting atmosphere in your outdoor area at any time of year.
We have the best solar lights for outdoors. Whether for garden, balcony or terrace: let yourself be inspired!

How do solar lights work?

Solar lights work according to the principle of photovoltaics. Energy is generated from solar radiation by small solar cells converting the light and storing it in the form of energy in the solar batteries. This has many advantages:

  • saves electricity costs
  • no electricity connection necessary
  • long life and luminous period due to LED
  • Motion detectors or twilight sensors switch the lights on when it is dark or they register movement

Solar lights are also used as balcony lights and as pleasant, discreet light sources for verandas and terraces. You can set lighting accents with solar table lamps that quickly create a romantic and cosy atmosphere.

When the garden lamps and lanterns come on in the late evening, the result is a magical sight. Even in the dark, you can fully enjoy the beauty of your green oasis thanks to solar garden lighting. The light from the lamps is inviting and not too glaring.

Save electricity with high-quality LED solar lights

Equipped with a solar panel, the solar light's battery stores energy from the sun's rays. The batteries of most solar lights have a capacity of up to 20 hours. Since LEDs consume very little power, the solar lights will shine all evening and into the night even if it has not been sunny all day.

The time at which the solar lights illuminate the garden can be set flexibly. Usually, a twilight sensor activates the garden solar light and switches the lamp on automatically as soon as it gets dark.

Many models offer further operating options: For example, some can flicker and emit effective light like a real firelight, others play continuous light patterns.

In addition to the long luminous period of the LEDs, the high-quality workmanship of solar lights ensures that you can enjoy your outdoor lighting for a long time. Solar lights are usually made of plastic and metal. Weather-resistant and waterproof materials are, for example, aluminium or stainless steel.

Versatile design options with solar lights

Solar garden lights with a ground spike that can be placed anywhere are particularly popular. The lights have a long spike that is inserted directly into the ground. No further fastening is necessary for a secure hold. You can also do without annoying cables.

For effective illumination of treetops, solar-powered hanging lights or solar lanterns can also be hung there.

This is not only popular at Christmas in the form of a beautiful solar light chain. Since most solar lamps are equipped with LEDs, even programmes for changing the colour are easily possible.

Classic lanterns can also be charged by the sun free of charge, of course, as can modern bollard lights and wall lights for outdoor use - ideal as solar lantern path lighting.

Solar luminaires with a stone look are recommended for the garden pond. The many motifs and shapes include dragonflies, frogs, cats and numerous other popular animals. But you can also spice up a rock garden with stone bed lighting made of solar lights.