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Solar lights: aesthetic garden lighting without additional energy costs

Decorative garden lighting that charge their batteries on sunlight are very much appreciated by nature lovers. Solar lights come in countless forms and designs: simple geometric shapes, paper lanterns, strings, or in the shape of animals, garden gnomes and statues of Buddha; the possibilities are endless. They can be used without wiring, decorative elements, and can increase safety on paths. Discover everything that makes solar lights exceptionally attractive.

Search for the perfect solar garden lights

There is a wide selection of solar lamp aesthetics that can be adapted to the different areas of your property, such as grassy areas, flowerbeds, driveways, and external walls of the house. In addition, these fixture types are also diverse, so different solar lights can be used on the balcony or terrace than what would be used next to a footpath. Solar lights can also be suspended from the tops of trees for an original lighting effect. Even outside during Christmas time, a pretty string of light will fill this purpose with gusto. As most solar lights are equipped with LED, they can also operate according to pre-set colour changing patterns.

Solar wall lights can also recharge for free off of solar energy, while LED solar lights and imitation stone lights are best used around the pond in the garden for the best effect. Many ornamental figurines also exist, like dragonflies, frogs, cats, and many other animals. There are solar lights with either integrated solar cells, or external cells which greatly expands their placement possibilities.

Solar lights in practice

Most solar light batteries have a capacity of up to 20 hours of operation. LEDs use very little electricity and can continue all night, even when they are not charging in the sun the whole day. Some models of solar lights are very flexible in that their start time can be set. Many models offer different control options. Therefore, some solar strings can provide a fixed light, blinking light, or be set on a continuous schedule.

Optimise the safety of your garden

Solar lights allow you to pleasantly prolong your evenings in the open air, even after sunset. They enhance other lighting effects and can help highlight the most beautiful corners of the garden. Powerful Solar lightingcan also increase safety against tripping and facilitate your orientation in entrances, allowing a perfect view of any obstacles. And when equipped with a motion sensor, they will light only when needed!

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When the solar garden lights come on late at night, it creates a magical attraction, and you can enjoy the beauty of your green oasis even in the dark. The light is not blinding, but is sufficient to allow you to move safely through the lawn. Buying garden lights like globe lights and other path lights or lampposts together provides a visual advantage. In addition to our selected solar lights, we also offer outdoor spotlights, pond lighting, outdoor ceiling lights, and many other lights. Once your payment is received your order will be shipped as soon as possible. Our friendly and experienced customer service team is at your disposal for any further question.