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Outdoor ceiling lights

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Ceiling lights for outdoor spaces

A clear and uniform light is desirable in certain outdoor areas that are covered, such as in front of a door. An outdoor ceiling light perfectly fulfils this function and easily allows your visitors to find you or recognise the entrance, which is much nicer and safer than leaving the space dark. This kind of outdoor lighting can also be useful in semi-open spaces, like on a terrace, under a canopy or on a porch. As with all lights that are installed outside, you must pay attention that second digit of the IP rating is at least a 3, indicating that the lamp is sufficiently protected against water splashes.

Tailored outdoor ceiling lights

Some of the most commonly used materials in outdoor lighting include aluminium and stainless steel. They are very strong and weather resistant metals that provide durability and quality. As mentioned above, the protection factor is in the form of two letters, IP, followed by two numbers that indicate the level of protection against solid objects and liquids, respectively, into the light body. For outdoor ceiling lights, the rating IP23 represents the minimum necessary protection. This indicates that your lamp is protected against solid objects greater than 12.5mm (the size of a finger) and against water spray up to 60° from vertical. However, IP44 ceiling lights are highly preferred as they are protected against water spray from all directions. You will also find many ceiling lights with this rating in our bathroom fixtures.

Energy efficient ceiling lights

Recent developments in the field of lighting are now available to the general public. With LED outdoor ceiling lights, it is now possible to reduce your electricity consumption more than 80% for the same quality of light, or even superior quality, compared to conventional incandescent bulbs. We indicate the energy efficiency class of our lights on all our product pages if they are delivered with bulbs. The difference between a class ‘A' light and a class ‘C' light will have a huge impact on your electricity bill. This difference should factor into your purchasing decision as you are doing good not only for your finances, but also for the planet.

Outdoor ceiling lights with sensors allow you to configure the light to turn on only when you really need it. For convenient lighting, this makes sense, because the decorative aspect of light is not relevant for all light sources, which is especially true for tray lights, like the kind you might find in a garage.

Complement your outdoor ceiling light with your other fixtures

Outdoor ceiling lights, which can also be pendant lights, are only rarely used for lighting up gardens and terraces. At you will find other outdoor lampposts and outdoor spotlights , as well as outdoor wall lights to match. Design a real outdoor lighting concept for all your outdoor spaces which meets both the need for security, as well as improves the aesthetic value of your gardens and façades. Our online shop offers a wide selection of major brands at excellent prices, delivered to you swiftly and securely.