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Functional and decorative kitchen lights

Kitchen lighting is essential in many ways - the kitchen is a place of work, gathering, and pleasure. Safety should also not be neglected, because there are often sharp knives and other dangerous objects in the kitchen. The kitchen lights must always be selected and adapted for their functionality. We offer kitchen lights from the biggest brands that perfectly combine practical function and attractive design. Discover the necessary factors to consider when selecting new fixtures for the kitchen.

Kitchen fixtures fulfil many functions

Basic kitchen lighting is often performed through a central ceiling light or a combination of several small light sources attached to the ceiling. However, the light should be directly over countertops in order to give you perfect visibility when cutting ingredients and preparing a meal. The contents of cabinets and shelves are also better illuminated with the appropriate light fixtures. Lighting additional areas of the room can be handed over to wall sconces. When the dining table is located in the kitchen, it is essential to provide an elegant hanging lamp projecting a pleasant atmosphere during family meals.

Halogen lights offer the best values in terms of colour rendering, while the LEDs are better for their very economical operation and the variety of light colour options. Extreme caution is needed close to the water supply because water and electricity are a dangerous combination. The IP rating of a kitchen light indicates the extent to which it is protected against splashing water (if the 2nd digit = 4) or water jets (if the 2nd digit = 5).

Kitchen ceiling lights

The use of a single ceiling light in the middle of the kitchen will, without a doubt, result in casting negative shadows in the room. Another frequent problem is the lack of visibility over the countertop while handling ingredients due to the fact that your back is turned to the Children's table lamps, putting yourself in the shadows. The trick is to use several kitchen ceiling lights distributed evenly throughout the room, and complement their lighting with wall lights.

Recessed kitchen lights

Kitchen spotlights, can contribute to sophisticated kitchen lighting in many ways. Recessed kitchen spotlights are easy to mount in suspended and hollow ceilings. They don't take up much space and most models are adjustable. When spotlights are positioned on cabinets and oriented toward the ceiling, they provide a pleasant, indirect light. If there is space overlooking the work place, they can also be installed there. However, a lateral orientation is also possible. Alternatively, small recessed spotlights can be mounted on the base of kitchen cabinets, for this it is important to note the fire protection symbols (F: non-flammable mounting surfaces; M: flammable mounting surfaces at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius, like wood, for example, and MM: flammable mounting surfaces at temperatures less than 200 degrees) and other safety certificates for mounting surfaces!

Kitchen wall lights

As primary kitchen lights, wall lights can be used for direct or indirect lighting. The diversity of forms, materials, and colours of light is almost endless: rustic, nostalgic, or futuristic design, our range of kitchen wall lights offers countless possibilities.

Kitchen chandeliers

A nice kitchen chandelier is ideal for uniform lighting of the dining table. Depending on the size and layout of the room, there are also many other options for the integration of kitchen pendant lights, especially in the case of semi-open arrangements, which traditionally have been quite popular. With the help of effective ventilation hoods, the kitchen can open directly to the living room.

Kitchen lights in the online shop

From wall lights, to ceiling lights, through to spotlights and lights integrated into the cabinets, the diversity of our kitchen lights allows you to easily put your kitchen lighting ideas to practice. In addition, you can enjoy our exceptionally fast and reliable shipping service. And if, against all expectations, you have a problem with one of the hallway lights or another light, our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team will be happy to help. Of course this also applies for dining room lights, and all our other products, such as living room lights and bedroom lights.