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Floor lamps: Practical and multifunctional

Suitable as the primary light source, or as a supplementary light, floor lamps are certainly the most flexible light source. They can be moved according to your desires, are often dimmable, and can be used in almost every room. The light provided can be either direct or indirect, or very accurate such as for reading lamps. Discover thousands of brand name lights for all tastes and budgets at

Floor lamps with varied shapes and styles

The term floor lamp refers to all interior lighting that is placed directly on the ground. The classic form is the uplighter, which projects an indirect light towards the ceiling. It is sometimes accompanied by a reading light to provide direct light if needed. Most available lamps are made with metal, although there are also increasingly wooden floor lamps. The chrome and brass coloured models are among the most requested.

Modern floor lamps often incorporate lampshades and adopt more traditional forms such as tripods, for example. In terms of upscale fixtures, the arch lamps have proven successful and popular. Their curved shape makes it a centrepiece of your lighting ensemble. It is recommended to use them only in large rooms because their ability to occupy space could create a congested feeling. Finally, light columns are used exclusively for the task of providing light. Some very inexpensive models are made with paper, which offers a nice option for having some fun on a budget.

Floor lamps are increasingly effective

In the development of floor lamps, the halogen lights held many advantages; they produced a warm, pleasant white light that could also be very powerful. Originally designed for indirect lighting, they can also serve as a primary light source of a living room or bedroom. In most cases they are dimmable, so the brightness can be adjusted to fit the mood. Being able to reduce the light intensity is widely appreciated for its positive influence on fatigue.

The power consumption of halogen lights, however, makes them quite inefficient. In recent years LED floor lamps have been gradually replacing halogens. As technology advances, their prices also decrease, making them now readily available to public. The great ongoing innovation is that newer models can now also be dimmed, either at set, specific levels, or gradually. Add to that light colour variations, which ranges from more or less warm white light to cold white, and is indicated by their value in Kelvin, and you will understand why the future of floor lamps is in LEDs.

Floor lamps for every room

Floor lamps for living rooms and dining rooms are among our best sellers, but these lamps are also quite suitable for bedrooms, or even smaller areas such as entrances or hallways. They can also be used in a child's room, and some floor lamps have a fun and colourful design that will delight young children, just make sure that the power plug is secure.

Outdoor floor lamps also form the basis of quality lighting. We have assembled a large selection of garden lamps that are designed for this purpose, and therefore are effectively protected against the weather. They are ideal for illuminating walkways and your path, or in conjunction with wall lights and globe lights. Some models are also equipped with motion sensor or electrical sockets which gives them an extremely convenient multifunctional use.

Create a lighting design around your floor lamp

Despite their extraordinary flexibility, floor lamps are not enough to ensure quality indoor lighting. Alone they only provide a melancholy feeling to your room. It is generally recommended to use three to five bright lights for the main rooms, like the kitchen or living room. On our website you will find hundreds of modern ceiling lights and wall sconces to combine with floor lamps. Spotlights also go very well with floor lamps, whether they are recessed into the ceiling, or on a spotlight bar. These fixtures easily match all types of lights including assorted table lamps - it is simply impossible to go wrong. You can also check out the sale table lamps category for other exclusive bargains.

Find the floor lamp that works for you

At, discover lights that are suitable for your needs and desires in just a few clicks. A team of employees dedicated to meticulously recording all the features of our catalogue items allows you to maximise and refine your search results. This attention to customer service drives us in everything we do: it ranges from simple and secure payment methods, to after-sales service provided by professional team, and speedy delivery. Make the choice for safety and comfort by ordering your lamps and lights through our online shop!