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Picture lights highlight artworks

High quality lights help stage paintings, photographs, and other artworks perfectly. Picture lights guarantee that all details are highly visible, and the valuable aesthetics of wall decorations get the proper attention at any time, day or night. The classic style of picture and display lights is long and narrow. In the modern LED era there are also completely new possible configurations and many models can also be used as mirror lights, or as lighting for furniture or other purposes.

Find optimal picture lighting

Picture lights serve a primary purpose: To underline and emphasize the effect of certain objects. Therefore, the design of this light source is rather plain and unobtrusive. Usually the picture lights are fixed to the wall, but hanging them from the ceiling may also be appropriate, or necessary depending on the situation. Another common design is clamp-on lights that attach directly to the picture frame. Some picture lights are also suitable as cabinet or piano lights.

Thanks to attractive picture lights, even rooms and walls without windows, such as hallways and basements, can be used as presentation spaces for drawings, photographs, or other works of art. In regards to light bulbs, you have an important choice between fluorescent, halogen, and LED picture lights. Halogen lights are distinguished by particularly good colour renderings, but reduced longevity, and the fact that they also create a lot of heat. With respect to the colours, we have many options, but many of our customers choose black or brass picture lights, but chrome picture lights or silver toned materials are also quite popular.

Be mindful when setting up picture lights

Whether the light will be used to light an artwork, or if it will be used as a mirror light, be mindful that the distance to the object and angle of lamp are optimal. Their light should not create disturbing shadows or reflections. And last but not least, too much or too little brightness can distort the colour rendering and staging. If the orientation of the light head of a picture light can be freely adjusted, it creates considerable leeway in finding the optimal orientation. Many of these fine tuning adjustments can also be done with high quality track lighting which provides the flexibility to illuminate irregularly-shaped rooms.

Integrate images into lighting concepts

To ensure that picture lights blend seamlessly into the existing furnishings, they should match existing floor lamps, wall lights, hanging lights, and table lamps, even despite their normally inconspicuous appearance. Whoever values aesthetics, should also highly value lighting accents in a spatial context so as to captivate their visitors. Very popular picture lights come from our wide selection of Honsel lights.