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Pretty children's room lights for girls and boys

View our complete range of hundreds of lights that are suitable for babies, children, and youths. Specific requirements have been established, both in terms of design and functionality: the top priority in children's rooms is always safety. From efficient desk lamps for homework to subtle night lights to project a reassuring touch of light in the darkness, children's room lights can be classified according to various criteria. Check here for all you need to know about selecting suitable lamps for children.

Children's lights suitable for all ages

Our lights for children's rooms include specific designs with colourful drawings of animals and stars that are adapted to their age. Sensitive eyes of young children should be especially well protected against glare. Therefore, the high-power LED and the bright halogen lamps are very rarely the solution. For sufficient lighting of a child's room, it is best to combine several fixtures. The children's room lights with dimmers are particularly popular both for younger and older children, especially in the earlier years where children may need parents to adjust the light for sleeping.

The safety of children's room lights

The lights for children's rooms that are normally supplied with 230 volts should not be left within the reach of children. To avoid electric shock, all the other children's room lights within reach must operate at low voltage. Therefore, high-power, bright halogen lights are not a good idea. Note: for safety, children's room lights should never be covered with fabric.

Lighting concepts for children's rooms

Generally, in addition to the ceiling, it is also necessary to equip the room with table lamps, floor lamps and bedside lamps to ensure proper room lighting. Individual light areas are complemented by the main overhead light to form a pleasant and functional picture overall. In order to play, do homework, or read a book at night in bed, your little one needs suitable lighting.

Ceiling lights for children's rooms

Aesthetic and suitable shades attract attention and awakens young imagination: planes, elephants or princesses, our children's ceiling lights designs contain almost all the features that fascinate young children. The ceiling should provide even lighting without glare. Children's room lights with a strong shades of opaque glass or plastic are very popular. Multicoloured shades also influence the colour of the light. Lamps with multiple bulbs allow for projecting the light into different areas of the room. It may also be wise to use children's pendant lights for direct lighting of great table games, for example.

Wall lights and children's room floor lamps.

Children love the bright colours and variety. Therefore, the children's wall lights are available in a variety of colours adapted to the preferences of children according to their age. They can also be used for direct lighting and indirect lighting. Children's room floor lamp designs are adapted to different age groups, ranging from farmyards to outer-space and travel. Whenever possible, choose your lights with your child. From a certain age, you can even take this opportunity to explain how to operate lamps, and many other fascinating facts related to lights.

Lamps for children's rooms

Desk lamps fulfil a very important function by providing the lighting for learning. According to the individual layout of the room, only one lamp may be enough to light the desk and computer without glare. In other circumstances, several table lamps may be necessary. In all cases, the table lamp should not cast disturbing glare onto the screen. Children's table lamps are essential to encourage reading.

Night lights

Until the end of primary school, many children are affected by night-time fears and nightmares populated by monsters, and a nice calming night light can be reassuring. In hallways, night lights can also help you find your way inside regularly. Most models now have LED bulbs for minimum power consumption and other handy features.

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