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Ceiling Fans with Light

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Ceiling Fan Morino matt nickel, silver, 2-light sources, Remote control
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Ceiling Fan Morino brown, matt nickel, 2-light sources, Remote control
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PETROVAC ceiling fan LED chrome, white, 1-light source, Remote control
TIRKKALA ceiling fan LED white, 1-light source
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TRILLO ceiling fan matt nickel, 1-light source
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In the past, you had to decide: either a ceiling light or a ceiling fan. The dilemma was: sweating or standing in the dark. Fortunately, things are different today. Thanks to the ceiling fan with light, the fresh breeze can be combined with bright lighting. In our online shop you will find many modern ceiling fans with light. The 2 in 1 products are practical and prove that you don't have to compromise between comfort and functionality.

LED ceiling fans

Whether in your living area or outside - there are hardly any areas in which LED technology has not established itself as the standard. And ceiling fans are no exception. When we talk about an LED ceiling fan, we mean a ceiling fan with LED light. As you already know from the lights, there are also models with built-in LEDs among the ceiling fans and those in which you can replace the light source, i.e. you can also install LED bulbs if you wish. Just pay attention to the compatibility between lamp and socket. Most ceiling fans with lighting have standardized E27 sockets, so that you have a large selection of LED lamps in our shop. LEDs score points with their low energy consumption compared to conventional light bulbs, which is why we highly recommend LED ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fans with Dimmable lights

Anyone who has ever had dimmable lamps usually does not want to do without the option of stepless dimming. And you don't even have to do that with a ceiling fan with light, because there is the option of making ceiling fans dimmable: with an external dimmer, also known as wall dimmer or rotary knob dimmer, which you plug into the socket. The light of the ceiling fan can also be regulated with a touch dimmer. The longer you touch the surface of the dimmer, the more clearly the light intensity changes. Not all ceiling fans with lights are dimmable; In our online shop, however, there are some ceiling fans with remote control that are already dimmable. You can find this information on our product detail pages.

A trick to see if the ceiling fan of your choice is dimmable: If the bulb is replaceable, you can make the ceiling fan dimmable with a small workaround. Simply select a lightbulb from our large selection of dimmable light bulbs and screw it into the ceiling fan's light socket - you can then regulate the light of the ceiling fan using an external dimmer or a suitable smart home solution.

Make your Ceiling fan smart-home compatiable

We recommend Smart Home ceiling fans with light to everyone who loves new technology and control options that go beyond the usual standard. You can equip every ceiling fan with replaceable bulbs, with a smart home light bulb, for example from Philips Hue, and thus integrate the ceiling fan into the existing smart home system. As for the lighting, this way you can control the ceiling fan with Alexa or via the app. Dim the light, change colors, set a timer function: other popular smart home functions can also be used for the ceiling fan light. We also have some Smart Home ceiling fans in our range, for example the Mantra Alisio ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans with light and remote controls

The motto on hot days: Don't move. Finally found the right position to fall asleep? You'll no longer want to get up to turn off the fan. Ceiling fans with light and remote control have therefore become the popular standard. Comfortable light and pleasant temperatures at the push of a button - that sounds like an all-round carefree package for your home. Do you want the light to be off but the fan to continue working? Depending on the model, you can use the remote control to centrally control the functions for ventilation and lighting separately from one another. This is possible with ceiling fans with lighting and remote control:

  • Switching the ceiling fan on and off
  • Regulate running speed
  • Switch the light on and off
  • Dim light

The fan is supposed to help you to sleep on hot summer evenings with its light breezes, but not to run through the whole night? You can solve the problem with a ceiling fan with a time setting function or timer. In our range we have some ceiling fans that can be controlled via app, for example the Mantra Alisio ceiling fan. As with a time setting function, you can use the app to set a time at which the ceiling fan switches off automatically. This is not only practical, but also saves energy.

Ceiling fans with light for the winter

What many do not know: ceiling fans are not only in season in midsummer: they also serve their purpose in the living room at home in winter. In “Reverse” mode, the winter operation of the ceiling fans, they do their part to reduce energy costs by helping with heat recovery. They distribute the warm air from the fireplace or the heater, which collects under the ceiling, evenly in the room and ensure that your feet are cozy and warm. Would you like that too? Then when you buy your ceiling fan, pay attention to the information in the product description as to whether the ceiling fan with light can also work in reverse. That is the keyword for suitability for winter. Because it is difficult to do without bright lighting, especially in the dark season, ceiling fans with light are the perfect solution.

Find the right design ceiling fan with lighting

In addition to the many advantages of a practical nature that a ceiling fan with light offers over a ceiling fan without light, the versions with integrated lighting are also nice to look at in terms of design. For those who want the sight of the rotor blades in the living area, as much as they a thorn in the side, will like ceiling fans that are clad in such a way that the fan cannot be seen, such as the Globo Rosario ceiling fan. These windmakers are downright invisible and look like a standard lamp. Since the summers in the UK have been getting hotter, the range of ceiling fans has grown significantly - and with it the variety in terms of design. Whether you are wanting ceiling fans with light in a retro look or modern ceiling fans made of wood: With us you will find models for every living style.

Advantages of ceiling fans with lights

  • Space on the ceiling is saved
  • Only one ceiling connection required
  • Saving the costs for a second ceiling connection
  • Attractive appearance: the fan is disguised as a light
  • Usually cheaper than two individual devices