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High-quality indoor and outdoor lighting by Helestra

Contemporary modern design and excellent metalworking skills are prominent features in the 1918 company, Helestra Leuchten GmbH, from Leppersdorf, Germany. Whether as pleasant residential lighting, or as a functional or decorative lighting solution, Helestra lights will win you over with their elegant appearance and efficient lighting. Quality materials, such as stainless steel and aluminium, or frosted glass with clear shapes can result in the simple and very elegant designs that are used in Helestra indoor and outdoor lighting.

Beautiful, stunning light with Helestra lights

Wall lights, ceiling lights, pendant lights and much more - the extensive product range of Helestra lights doesn't leave anything out. Of course, from such a diversified manufacturer, there are also many varieties of LED lights, whose electronic light source offers numerous advantages. In particular, the minimum power consumption is a good argument for buying LED. Compared to conventional incandescent lamps, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have the same light output (in lumens) with about one-tenth the energy output. If the light is dimmable, their brightness can be adapted to day- and night-time settings. Cosy lighting for a relaxing atmosphere or stimulating light for focusing on work: with specifically selected Helestra lights, perfect lighting conditions can be achieved in each room of the house.

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Square, round, oblong, latticed, or an open slice in the middle: the variety of forms of Helestra lights is quite large. You can also find lampshades in classic styles that have proven themselves for decades, especially when it comes to floor and table lamps. If you cannot find the Helestra light you are looking for, we also offer you a whole series of other manufacturers, such as Sorpetaler lights, which are characterised by reasonable prices.

We have cooperated successfully with highly specialised providers for many years, such as the producers of excellent pendant lights from the Munich based company Basis Leuchten. No matter who manufactures your new floor lamp, wall light, ceiling light or pendant light, you will receive free shipping on orders greater than £80 within the UK - of course this applies to new lights as well as LED Retrofits.