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Outdoor lights with sockets are super convenient

Whether it's a summer barbecue or just working in the garden: When you need electricity in the yard, outdoor lighting with sockets are extremely useful. You don't have to run cables from inside to outside, instead the electricity is readily available where it is really needed. And with a short extension lead, you can easily reach the furthest corners of your property. Learn what it takes to connect your outdoors.

Outdoor lighting with sockets for the garden

Bollard lights are especially suitable as outdoor lights with sockets because the electrical connection is hidden within the body of the light. Usually there are upright garden lights next to paths or near flower beds. Another preferred location for attractive garden lights and other outdoor lights with sockets is near garden ponds. Some outdoor lights accommodate more than one socket at once. It is especially convenient when these lights are equipped with motion sensors, like the ones produced by motion sensor innovators from the German company, Steinel, for example. This saves operating costs, increases safety, and decreases electricity costs. But there are also decorative garden lights that function as electrical connections, such as animal figures or garden gnomes. This option is good for pretty much everywhere in the garden, even the middle of the lawn. Decorative outdoor lamps with sockets also work well in the front of gardens and near patios.

Material, weather protection and design

The preferred material for outdoor lighting with sockets is stainless steel because the stainless iron alloys are particularly weather resistant. Often, an IP rating of 44 is sufficient enough to ensure effective protection against solid objects greater than 1mm (defined by the 1st digit) and water spray (2nd digit). Depending on the location, outdoor lighting with sockets must be protected against weak water jets (2nd digit = 5) or powerful water jets (2nd digit = 6). In terms of the design, there is everything from antique to futuristic styles.

Buy outdoor lighting with socket online

As a large online shop for lights and lamps of all kinds, we offer, in addition to outdoor lights with and without sockets, a careful selection of outdoor wall lights, outdoor spotlights, various light sources like LEDs or halogens; quality, stylish indoor lights, and work-enhancing Office lights At Illumination.co.uk you can see the whole world of home and commercial lighting from a single source. Fast delivery is free of charge with orders over £80 when shipped within the UK. For any further information, our experienced and competent service team is there for you.