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Holländer lights: Creative design from Düsseldorf

The Düsseldorf company stands out from the rest as a provider of distinctively designed lamps and small furniture items and home accessories. Use Holländer lights to create stunning light effects and a unique atmosphere. The wall light Luna LED, as well as LED strips gives the three-dimensional impression of floating on the surface of the moon. Thanks to the extraordinary creative ideas and very careful manufacturing, the Holländer lights have become quite popular.

Holländer lights are decorative and functional

The inspiring and chic design of many Holländer lights stimulates the imagination and invites you to dream. Besides the extravagant designs there are also classic, functional shapes that put the essence into focus, an important part of the high-class range. Mainly there are wall lamps, ceiling lamps, hanging lamps, floor lamps and table lamps. Holländer lights are works of art which are also characterised by their efficient and effective light. With Holländer lights, it gives an individual and elegant appearance to the home, which provides a feeling of well-being for the guests. One of the highlights of their portfolio is the famous floor lamp Utopistico.

The use of high quality materials and careful processing are another advantage of Holländer lights. Classic metals like iron, beautiful glassware, attractive wood, and many other materials all fit together perfectly and produce elegant sculptures, like the Lichtbringer, which enriches any interior design style. Many models are inspired by nature, they pick up the perfect forms of plants, animals, fungi, celestial bodies, etc. Ancient mythological influences are not forgotten either. It is also interesting that often warm, earthy and bright colours are used such as brown, white, and gold. Numerous contemporary and futuristic Holländer lights make a clear statement in terms of shapely design for the 21st century. From the hallway, to the bathroom and kitchen, to the living room and bedroom, Holländer lights are a real asset, providing satisfaction and pleasure with all its aesthetics and efficiency.

Great lights for the home and garden

With our practical search filters, you can quickly find the ideal Holländer light, regardless of whether it is a new pendant light, ceiling light, or table lamp. Illumination.co.uk also collaborates with a variety of other reputable manufacturers from home and abroad. Scandinavian, Italian, traditional German and Asian designs are available, to name just a few options. For durable outdoor lighting the manufacturer LCD is highly recognised. Let the product diversity convince you as you discover new indoor and outdoor and office lights, which are characterised by attractive appearances and pleasant light.