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Slamp lights: Perfect design from Italy

All around the world, the sophisticated design of Slamp lights, founded by designer Roberto Ziliani, are valued as a high quality-conscious manufacturer from Rome. Slamp lights will win you over with their attractive design, high quality materials, and careful handiwork. Playful shapes, which are also completely compatible with one another, make a beautiful shape of the light, and are a great addition to any home. From the classic to the avant-garde and the stylistic, the range is quite large.

Discover the optimal Slamp lights

Ornate wall and ceiling lights in floral patterns, light and elegant-looking floor lamps, ornate sculptures, and much more: Slamp lights are a successful combination of creative ingenuity, very good performance, and excellent craftsmanship. It is also said that people choose Slamp lights spontaneously because at first glance the design is so fascinating. Among the best known models are the Clizia pendant lights, as well as its variations such as the Veli ceiling light, and the Gemmy table lamp. Also, the practicality of all the Slamp lights is at the heart of the development process, so most of the models are washable and are well protected against bumps, vibrations, and shocks. Of course, the well-known manufacturers will also make sure that their lights use quality light bulbs that are energy efficient, provide a comfortable light colour, and have a very long lifespan for their selection of pendant lights, wall sconces, floor lamps, and more.

Friendly opal white is a defining feature of many Slamp lights, but they also offer other intense colours and vibrant shades can be found such as purple, playful blue, and fiery red. When it comes to selecting materials, Slamp makes no compromises: In addition to natural leather materials; genuine, valuable woods, and Swarovski crystals are also used in internal developments. The re-usable plastic Opalflex is as beautiful as glass, but shatterproof like plastic. Cristalflex is characterised by a very low weight. Steelflex scores points for its flexibility, bendability, and its mirror-like reflective surfaces. With the features filters, you can specifically filter Slamp lights for the dining room, hallway, kitchen, or bedroom lights as well as many other decisive criteria, such as light colour and material to help narrow down your search.

Leading brands from across Europe

Every available brand and product at has been carefully selected for you. Italian products are known throughout the world for their own elegance and charm. Another Italian brand in our extensive product range of light fixtures and lamps is Elesi Luce. There is also a young Belgian designer with Lirio lights, a subsidiary company from the worldwide Philips Group from the Netherlands. Also there are Scandinavian brands such as Konstsmide and Nordlux to enrich our versatile product range. A majority of the manufacturers represented on come from the Sauerland region: The region in the heart of Germany with a long and proud tradition in the production of stylish, high quality indoor, outdoor, and office lighting.