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Practical track systems for lighting

Track light systems allow several lights to be installed in a flexible arrangement, which opens up new installation layout possibilities. Usually track systems are designed for ceiling lights, spotlights, and pendant lights, and are fixed to the ceiling with the purpose of illuminating the all areas of a room. Because track light systems share the same power source, various light types can be combined with each other, as long as they have an identical operating voltage.

Track systems in interior design

From functional spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms to the living room and bedroom - track systems are perfectly valid. A classic application is for long hallways and corridors. A swivel lamp can put individual zones, furniture, and decorative elements on the scene. LED track systems are increasingly in demand since they consume very little power and are very durable. They have a wide range of applications, not only in the living area, but also in office and industrial departments. Rooms of any size benefit from flexible lighting provided by high-quality track systems; even unusually divided, asymmetrical, and high-angled rooms can use them. In addition, there are also track systems for wall lights.

High voltage and low voltage track systems.

The difference lies in the amount of voltage that is transferred to the track system and finally to the individual lights. For high voltage track systems, the voltage is 230 volts, for low voltage models however, there is an included intermediate transformer that drops the voltage down to 12 volts.

With or without ceiling clearance

Another fundamental difference is how they are installed. There are track systems with direct ceiling installation, as well as some with a small gap between the ceiling mount and the fixture. Which method is more appropriate depends on the spatial conditions and the context of the institution. Since track systems are costly, it may be worthwhile to look at alternatives.

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