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£17 - £643

LED outdoor spotlights

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Order high quality LED outdoor spotlights at low prices

To illuminate the garden, terrace, and outdoor walls, and to set an attractive and artistic scene, high quality LED outdoor spotlights are a very good choice. The goal of directional light from LED garden spotlights is to grant safety and security, particularly with the help of motion sensors. A wide range of products is readily available from the small ground recessed spotlights up to the powerful floodlights, and successful designs create a highly aesthetic atmosphere. Learn how LED outdoor spotlights both increase security and help to beautify your home and property.

LED outdoor spotlights for the property and garden

There are very suitable LED spotlights for lighting every area of your property. A motion sensor guarantees that the light only lights up when it is needed, and the motion sensors from Steinel are highly recommended. Path lights ensure that all visitors are guided safely to the door, and even in the darkest nights of a new moon, no accident will happen. Meanwhile, burglars and other uninvited guests, however, are frightened away by the light. Frequently small, recessed ground spotlights can be used as walkway lights. In small gardens, even an accentuation of small garden steps can be fulfilled with outdoor recessed ground lights. For many larger properties, lanterns and lamp posts are more suitable because they rise up higher and illuminate a wider area. Many LED outdoor spotlights can be easily anchored to the ground with a ground stake.

In addition to recessed ground lights and LED lights with ground stakes, there are many LED outdoor spotlights that can be attached to the walls. Also there is a diverse product range for LED outdoor spotlights that can simply be placed on the ground due to their stable mounting equipment. In many models the light direction is flexible, which can increase the value of the light. It is also convenient that the mobile LED outdoor spotlights can be moved to allow you to achieve a new light distribution in the garden. Since LED lights can work properly for decades, the lighting concept can be adapted at any time to the ever-evolving garden.

Naturally weather resistant materials such as stainless steel, shatter-proof glass, and durable plastics are more useful than other materials. An stainless steel outdoor lights looks almost brand new even after many years of use. With a correspondingly high IP rating, LED outdoor lightings can even be used as underwater spotlights (min. IPX8: The second number refers to water protection, while the first number (here, the placeholder X) refers to the protection of ingress against solid foreign objects). This way the garden pond can also be illuminated with powerful, yet attractive lighting.

Stylish accent lighting with LED lights

No other light source is as varied as the LED: LED outdoor spotlights can deliver not only warm white or daylight white, but all other colours of the spectrum too. Depending on the configuration, LED garden spotlights also come in blue, red, or green. One of the advantages of LED outdoor spotlights is that they consume very little power, which saves money and helps the environment. Their light is also free of disturbing flickering and shines at full brightness immediately after switching on.

Buy LED outdoor spotlights online

Our range includes suitable LED outdoor spotlights for every property - whether it's a subtle outdoor recessed lights to adorn the paths, or a large, powerful spotlight to illuminate front doors and facades. Brands like LUTEC stand out for outstanding quality. The search bar, clear categories, and practical sorting capabilities ensure that your searches quickly lead to you to the correct light options. From ground recessed spotlights up to lampposts, our outdoor lights are a good decision. Fast shipping is done immediately upon receipt of payment, and all questions about our lamps and lights can be answered by friendly and experienced service personnel.