Crystal chandeliers

The crystal chandelier: The jewel of your décor

With their magnitude and volume, the crystal chandelier changes the interior of your home. They produce a magnificent play of light and provide beautiful lighting for the house. In the past these chandeliers were almost exclusively reserved for the elite class. They symbolised wealth and luxury. Now they are completely democratised. In fact, the crystal chandeliers prices have dropped so dramatically they are now within the reach of all budgets. See for yourself!

Crystal chandeliers for decoration

The crystal chandelier is usually suspended from the ceiling in a living room or dining room. It can embellish and highlight parts of the house with its light. They also can play a key role in several other areas such as corridors and hallways of the home. LED light bulbs create interesting light patterns on the walls or a diffuse light, both which are a perfect complementary element for crystal chandeliers.

Shapes, colours, and materials

The designs of the ceiling lights and chandeliers are quite varied. It is just as well that we have traditional crystal chandeliers which bring us back to the pomp of the bourgeoisie, especially the Baroque period. The beauty of crystal chandeliers is also seen in contrast to modern decorative frames. Even when the lights are off, these chandeliers retain their special charm.

As a material, brass is very popular for ceiling lights in general: polished it looks like gold, and flat gives it an antique look. For crystal chandeliers, this option includes a kind of elegant, traditional silver, nickel, or chrome colouring. Several lighting manufacturers have also decided to create crystal chandeliers with new forms. In all cases, the Baroque chandeliers always impress with their elegant play with light.

Crystal LED chandeliers to ceiling lights

The use of crystal LED chandeliers can be a perfect match between classic shapes and modern techniques. These chandeliers have low power consumption regardless of how often they are used. Dimmable lights are always a popular option because they allow you to adjust the lighting of your chandeliers to fit the mood and ensure the optimal well-being. We offer a wide variety of ceiling lights with beaded crystals which can be used as an alternative to the more classic chandelier, while still maintaining some of the visages of crystal lights.

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