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Honsel lights - traditional quality from the Sauerland

In the beautiful Sauerland town of Arnsberg, one of Germany's oldest light manufacturers, Hugo Honsel GmbH, was founded in 1833, and the company is supported by more than 175 years of experience with lights and lamps. Most Honsel lights fill the middle price segment, with classical forms, up to the modern LED lights with high energy-efficiency, all models are representative products bought by private customers.

Honsel lights for all major living styles

From noble, classic design to the comfortable country house style, through to modern technical varieties, Honsel lights shine for satisfied customers all over Europe. Round or angular, simple and plain, or colourful and striking: there are no limits in the variety of the product range. The respected company focuses in the living areas of a home, whether it is practical Honsel ceiling lights or chic Honsel pendant lamps. Also among the Honsel wall lights for indoor or outdoor use, you will quickly find what you are looking for with a targeted search for the product. Honsel's light production is done in an efficient and responsible way to fully satisfy both classic and modern style criteria.

Honsel lights meet high quality standards

Decorative clamp-on lights, practical table lamps, impressive chandeliers and much more: only high quality raw materials are used for more than a thousand different articles, and the build quality is regularly checked on-site. Honsel lights are available for high functionality and appealing design. Honsel remains faithful to its traditions, while many newer Honsel models are built with innovative design and sustainable technology. Whoever decides on Honsel lights can expect to buy high-class, quality products at reasonable prices.

Sustainability and aesthetics

Sustainability, environmental awareness, and responsible use of natural resources are integral parts of the operating philosophy for more than 100 employees. Whether it is a ceiling light, wall sconce, or table lamp, buyers of Honsel lights undeniably benefit from the strong relationship between price and performance.

Other well-known manufacturers

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