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Pond & underwater lights

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Impressive garden ambiance with pond & underwater lights

Garden ponds shape the yard into a diverse and interesting landscape, and the water feature adds a natural element as a real asset to the garden area, and the environment thanks to a ponds added biodiversity. Pond lights, which produce their own fascinating beauty, come in a very diverse selection. In particular, there are more atmospheric types of underwater lights, which brighten the pond from the bottom up. Discover our decorative and useful pond lights in unique styles!

Choose underwater and pond lights

An underwater light can be mounted on the bottom of the pond or in the side walls. In most cases, these are spotlights that shine in one or more cones of light. The LEDs have the ability to produce other colours of light like red, green, or blue light, which can create an especially fascinating additional aesthetic. Meanwhile, LED spotlights and small recessed lights are traditionally used to illuminate swimming pools.

Decorative pond lights

Aquatic plants, shrubbery, and trees give pond lighting an even greater appeal. If the pond lights are mounted on the bank, it is not only their glow, but also the optical design of the light itself in the foreground. Stone lamps and other types that blend seamlessly into the natural environment are especially popular, meanwhile globe lights remain an absolute classic pond light. Some models can float on the water all year long. Outdoor wall lights and garden lanterns are a proven, stylish complement to the glow of pond lights. At a further distance, wall lights in the garden make an appealing additional light zone. Solar pond lights and other outdoor LED lights save electricity, and most models can even be operated underwater if the connection between solar module and light is long enough.

Safe operating procedure

Solar lights, outdoor lights with sockets, and external cabling plays a crucial role in the selection and safety of pond lights. IP68 pond lights are dustproof and prepared for permanent submersion. If the pond light is located close to the bank, it is prudent to use at least an IPX7 rated light so that it is protected against temporary submersion. Depending on the precise circumstances, it is sufficient if the above ground pond light is only protected against water splashes (IPX4).

Buy affordable underwater spotlights and pond lights

With the right lighting, your garden pond will be a real eye-catcher in the late evening and at night. At you will find a wide variety of high quality garden lights for the pond. Likewise, we present all other types of outdoor and indoor lights such as bathroom lights, living room lights, and kitchen lights. Don't forget about free shipping on orders over £80 within the UK!