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Commercial lights

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Commercial lighting must meet high requirements

The choice of commercial lighting is governed by their specific usefulness and safety standards at work. Exceptional commercial lighting manages to combine these advanced requirements into a very attractive design. The specific conditions of use on site are very diverse, whether you a looking for hotel lighting, spotlights, office lighting, advertising lighting, or other professional lights. If you want to ensure the performance and safety in the workplace, or the attractive presentation of your products: it is worthwhile to invest in quality commercial lights.

Commercial lighting in practice

Commercial spotlights are proven for lighting displays and products, task lighting, and presenting specific objects. This is mostly fixtures from below that project their light toward the ceiling. Large advertising surfaces, like billboards, are usually lit by lamps and lights for display. Basic office lighting is often achieved through elongated, recessed lights in a grid in the ceiling, and is supported by wall lights, floor lamps, and table lamps. In the hallways and stairwells, a uniform and efficient lighting combining ceiling and wall lamps is also advantageous for increasing work performance easily and safely.

In warehouses and factories, safety is paramount: good lighting is essential to avoiding accidents. On the other hand, the IP (Ingress Protection) rating is also quite important: IP55 lights are protected against dusk and water jets, while the IP66 rating goes further and certifies that the light is dust-tight and protected against strong jets of water.

Low energy consumption commercial lighting

The operation of a business almost always leads to high electricity consumption. Energy costs are therefore another fundamental factor to take into account when selecting adequate advertising lights, production lights, and spotlights. They are most often used with high efficiency LED lamps. In addition to their low power consumption, compact LEDs have many other advantages, such as their long service life and various light colour options. The specially configured LED commercial lights can provide light in all shades of red, green, and blue imaginable.

Benefits of the online shop

Our website has a very targeted search function for our range of products; guaranteeing you a complete overview of the diversity of available supplies, whether you are looking for a commercial spotlight, downlights, pendant light, or desk lamp with indirect lighting. Also you can enjoy our fast shipping service, which provides free shipping on orders over £80 when shipping within the UK! If you plan to order a large number of office lights, we can also make you a special offer. Wherever you are in Europe and want to learn more, feel free to call our skilled customer service team.