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Advertising lights

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Advertising lights showcase brands and companies

Billboards, shop signs, and building premises look much more appealing to the customer when they are properly illuminated according to lighting guidelines. Only top advertising lights can ensure that your marketing message is given the utmost attention. Advertising lighting is a broad field, and includes categories such as office lights, hotel lights, picture and display lights, and more. We offer a fine selection of quality advertising lights and the info about what is important when making a selection.

Sales success with the right advertising lights.

Whether the entrance area of the premises, trade fair, or billboard - display and picture lights are a very important kind of advertising lights. They are used solely to set a particular object in the scene. This is usually in the shape of a sign with another perpendicular arm hanging over it. It is important that it provides uniform and bright lighting. In addition, the advertising light must ensure that the viewer's gaze is attracted. Picture lights are either mounted to the wall above the picture frame, or attached to the frame itself, like a clamp-on light.

The design should be rather plain and inconspicuous, but also elegant and modern. Finally, advertising lights must emphasize the promotional message and not distract from it - but at the same time they must be present and contribute to successful marketing with their attractive appearance. In the outdoor lighting section, display spotlights are frequently made from rust-proof stainless steel. Bright outdoor spotlights illuminate the walls of the company building at night in a professional manner, thus ensuring a completely convincing performance at all times.

Store lighting, office lighting, and hotel lighting

Effective advertising lighting can also be achieved with downlights, that is, lights with downward directed light beams. Ceiling spotlights and recessed lights provide good options for lighting shop windows and store shelves. The light is focused and brings the product or offer into the centre of attention. Spotlights work well with their modern appearance, and always appear professional and serious.

The basis of both functional and pleasant office lighting are powerful ceiling lights, which are supported by wall lights and table lamps. Screened recessed lights are the classic office light, but LED spotlights can also be used to enhance the workplace. Hotel lights include the full range of lighting - from hanging lights and table lamps in the lobby, to cosy bedroom lighting, to inspiring and subtle lighting of bars and restaurants.

LEDs are the most efficient lamps

LEDs with less watts: Economically illuminated advertising usually is done with LEDs because the modern bulbs use the least amount of energy amongst common light bulbs. Also the compact diode in LEDs allows for very slim and elegant design of advertising lights, which is also very beneficial for display lights. Your online lighting professionals

Quickly finding the right advertising lights is no problem on We carry excellent picture lights, recessed lights, commercial lights, and more from Honsel, WOFI and many other outstanding manufacturers. Clear product presentation, extensive range and low prices - you benefit from our advertising lights. The speedy delivery of your goods is initiated immediately upon receipt of your order, and there is free shipping on orders over £80 within the UK. Do you still have questions? Our free customer service team knows the answer!