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Special light bulbs

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Special light bulbs for every occasion and use

For every functional working area, there is a matching light bulb. Whether you need a replacement light bulb for the oven or refrigerator at home, or a special light bulb for a party, on you will find the appropriate light bulb replacements for appliances, parties, and more. The bulbs in this section are primarily incandescent light bulbs or fluorescent bulbs.

Special bulbs for your appliances and your home

As previously mentioned, these particular light bulbs play a multitude of roles for special circumstances in your home, such as lights for the convenient functioning of an appliance, or even just as a light source of a fixture with a particular shape. Special light bulbs conveniently help you fulfil your lighting needs.

Special light bulbs for appliances

When refrigerator lights or oven lights break or suddenly decide to stop working, you need to buy a light bulb built specifically to match the appliance and work in harmony with it. These bulbs must be specially designed to withstand some of the extreme conditions, like high and low temperatures, that can be created by these devices.

Special light bulbs for your home and parties

Sometimes you need a light that project a particular colour, like at a party or to give a special tone to a room in your house or property. In this section, you will find these bulbs, as well as others, that can provide that special touch to give a room some extra character both at home or in a business. If you are interested in this area and want to find out how to add that “something more to your home, we recommend you check our category living room lights

Special light bulbs fixtures

Despite its name, these particular light bulbs come in several, ordinary fixture shape. Most fit E14 or E27 (for example, the normal bulbs plug in like an incandescent light bulb), and can be installed in existing equipment without problems. Some have a 2P or 4P plug that enables them to be mounted on the lights that require this particular socket shape.

Special light bulbs to fit the job

Not only are special light bulbs good for parties or specific rooms, but businesses can also take advantage of the coloured lighting provided by certain special light bulbs to create attractive accents. These can be used, for example, as advertising lights, or as office lights so that the light influences the viewer in a positive way. At, no wish remains unfulfilled!