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F.L.I. lights: Modern, affordable, and energy-efficient

The F.L.I. GmbH in Sauerland Arnsberg was founded in 2003 by the famous Aloys Fischer GmbH. This resident lighting manufacturer has made a name for itself with its flexible, combinable lighting systems. The diverse range of F.L.I. lights includes attractive solutions for outdoors and for every room of the house. The emphasis is on modern, energy-efficient residential lighting, which are distinguished by a favourable price-to-performance ratio.

Contemporary light with F.L.I. lights

The largest parts of F.L.I. lights portfolio are wall lights, floor lamps, pendant lights and ceiling lights for the modern home. Dimmable pendant lights with adjustable heights and shapely wall lights at low prices, flexible swivelling ceiling spotlights for targeted illumination and more: No customer can resist their appeal. Bathroom and outdoor lights are available with high degrees of protection such as IP44 and IP54. The outdoor lights are primarily decorative globes and powerful outdoor spotlights with a ground spike.

Attractive design and high quality lamps

F.L.I. lights are highly functional products and don't need much to convince you to buy one other than their low prices and high quality of workmanship. The contemporary design of numerous F.L.I. lights is characterised by clear lines and strong category features. The quality of the most frequently delivered light bulbs is a good argument for buying F.L.I. lights. A strategic partnership with Samsung ensures a reliable and consistent supply of quality products, whether it's energy-saving bulbs, incandescent bulbs, or extremely efficient LED light bulbs.

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F.L.I. lights are offered in all varieties, as well as the lights of many other excellent producers, including international brands, like the Italian brand Sil Lux and the famous Swedish lights from Konstsmide. Take advantage of the variety: With us you get everything you need for the lighting of your living rooms, workrooms and property from one convenient store! With purchases over £80, we deliver all products to all addresses in the UK free of charge!